So what are you supposed to eat on the Body Reset diet? Well, we all know the biggest struggle in getting in shape each year is eating. You could really just clean up your diet without working out and lose weight no problem. Everyone knows it’s 80% eating/20% workout!

Let’s get right into the “clean eating diet” which is a modified Whole30 program. Just think…NO SUGAR, NO CARBS, NO DAIRY. But, the best part of this diet…you can still drink wine (or alcohol)!! Woohoo!

Don’t think of this diet as a “diet”. It’s really a program designed to teach you about what you are eating (read your labels) and create a lifestyle change. I never knew how much sh*t is in stuff…like everything has extra sugar in it!

Like I said, this is a lifestyle change. I knew I’d never give up my wine so there had to be a way to get healthy and keep my wine. After all, isn’t it good to have a glass of red wine? Just be sure to limit yourself!

Now let’s talk about how to switch out your pantry and fridge staples. Like mayo, soy sauce, butter, pasta sauce, etc.


Ghee butter
Trader Joe’s Coconut Aminos
(soy sauce sub)
Rao’s marinara sauce
Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil mayo
Siete Foods hot sauce
Siete Foods Tortillas + Tortilla chips
Siete Foods Cashew Queso
(because it’s Texas)
Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning
(I use this on EVERYTHING.)
GT’s Kombucha
(wine sub on good nights)
Califia Farms half-and-half
(coffee cream sub)
Wildway Grain Free granola
(no oats)
RX bars
(on the go breakfast)
Coconut oil packets
(use in my coffee)
Zoe’s Greek dressing
(the best stuff!)
Tessamae’s ketchup

**I do my shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s!

Now that we’ve covered the things you should buy at the grocery store before you start the Body Reset let’s get into some of my favorite recipes.


RX bar
Egg scrambles
(3-4 egg whites + sausage + spinach + TJ seasoning + hot sauce)
Egg cups
(easily frozen!)
Açaí bowl
(buy the TJ frozen packets + granola + banana or berries)

acai bowl from trader joes


Flank Steak salad
Tuna on butter lettuce
(with Zoe’s dressing)
Chicken salad
(rotisserie chicken + mayo + sliced almonds + grapes)
Tortilla soup
Cauliflower fried rice
(TJ frozen cauliflower rice w/veggies + shrimp + fried egg + coconut aminos)
Sweet potato hash
Shaved brussels salad w/chicken
(Tessamae’s Lemon Garlic or Dijon Mustard sauce)


Turkey meatloaf
Zucchini noodle spaghetti
(can use turkey meatloaf recipe for meatballs too)
Chicken tacos
(crockpot 3 chicken breasts + 1 packet taco seasoning + 1 jar salsa + 2 limes)
Almond crusted salmon
Chicken tomato artichoke bake
(recipe coming soon!)
Whole30 chili

turkey meatloaf clean eating diet

All of these recipes are pretty simple, but the key is seasoning! Don’t think you will overdo it with the seasoning bc I promise you won’t. You don’t really have to worry about too much salt or butter on this diet 🙂

Yes, this does require a lot of cooking but I do most of it on Sunday and freeze a lot of stuff. I always separate my chicken breasts into individual baggies and freeze until I need one or more. Same thing with my salmon!

It’s hard cooking for one person, but whatever I make for dinner I usually use for my lunch the next day too. Sometimes I’ll even eat it a few days later for dinner again when I don’t want to cook.

Hopefully this helps you all a bit!! Please share any of your recipes!

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  1. Great post! Your meals sound so delicious and nice, and it’s good that this is really working for you. After a while you will not crave the same foods before, and even your body will react differently. If it helps to cut the wine, alcohol not only puts on the calories but it pulls moisture from your body, aging you faster than normal, plus liver and kidney problems. Hopefully that helps!

  2. I’m so imlpressed with all your cooking, I enjoy cooking too but I am just way to lazy to cook more than one meal a day. So impressed! I really love Questbars! They have 20+ grams of protein, 19 grams of fiber, only 1 gram of sugar and usually 3 net carbs. I eat them all day long (trying to lose baby weight) but they are a great fix for desert too! Oatmeal cookie is my favorite! Hope that’s helpful!

  3. I needed some motivation to get back on the whole 30 wagon n ur modified version sounds like a winner! Reading through ur journey, ur eating habits mirror mine, I cannot pass up Mac n cheese, chocolate or wine…ugh!! U look fantastic n I look fwd 2 following along ur journey!!!

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