Hi, I'm Brooke

The blonde behind the blog. I’m a 30 year old young professional, food lover, fashion fanatic, and blonde. One Small Blonde is a fashion + lifestyle blog created to influence young women like myself to feel confident with their own personal style while giving them style ideas and tips. My personal style…it can basically be summed up in three little words: Simple, Sophisticated, and Chic.



I went to school here in Dallas, and fell in love with the city. After graduating I worked for a lifestyle magazine, and then almost a year later started my own digital marketing agency, Muse Media. Everyday I work with my clients on their digital marketing strategy. I help them from start-to-finish to create or rebrand their website, develop social media/blog content and manage their accounts, and train them before I step away. In the last few months, I’ve started a “Blogger Workshop” training bloggers on several digital marketing services. After doing this for all of my clients I needed my own creative outlet which is one of the ways One Small Blonde started. Oh yeah, and because I love clothes just like most of you reading the blog!

I’ve always had a genuine passion for following fashion trends, but I also know what I love and stick to my own personal style. I think the three words that best describe my style are: simple, sophisticated, and chic. Like I said earlier, I’m a young professional and entrepreneur which means as much as I love Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and my Louboutin’s my bank account can’t keep up with that type of lifestyle. SO – I’ve learned to shop on a budget, but still look like I rock the designer trends.
My passion for food and cooking didn’t evolve until after college when I started realizing I couldn’t eat anything and everything I wanted. I think my love for cooking stems from both of my grandmother’s (thanks Mimi and Mammy). If I could make Mimi’s fried chicken and Mammy’s fried okra every day I just might. Let’s face it… I’m from the south and we love our fried food. However, over the past few years I’ve taught myself how to cook healthier, but with the same amazing taste.

Fun Fact: I hated peanut butter and cheese as a child!

{Life Lessons} Life has taught me many things, but it’s what I’ve done with those things that have made me the person I am today. I’ve been blessed to have been able to start my own company at such a young age, and I thank my parents for always supporting me during this journey.

Don’t get caught up in the small things…try to find the life lesson in everything you do.