Okay 6-weeks went by way faster than I expected… Yay!! I’m extremely excited to share my “body reset” results with you guys today! If you haven’t been following my “body reset” journey I’ll give you a little review. I’ve been fairly healthy my entire life, and always active. However, at the beginning of the year I was having a lot of trouble toning up and I was having severe bloating almost every single day. I was working out on a normal basis and eating healthy during the weekdays. But… The weekends and wine were getting me.

So did I reach my goal? Kinda… But did I see results? Absolutely!! Was it worth it? More than you can imagine, and I’m beyond GRATEFUL for my trainers at VIVE for giving me a reason to make this change. Oh…and I’m extremely grateful I can eat sweets again without feeling guilty! haha!


body reset

body reset

After working with my trainers at VIVE for several months I decided to do a belly fat analysis test. That’s when the owner, Jon McDowell, told me that what I was doing would never produce the results I wanted… sigh. The reason was my body had basically plateaued and wasn’t burning the fat or sugars the way it should be. I needed to do a total “body reset” for 6-weeks!! That meant eating super super super clean, focusing on weight training, and incorporate supplements into my routine.

So the 6-weeks are over and I went back on Monday to re-do the body fat analysis test. Y’all… IT WORKED!!!!!!!! I lost 5 lbs and 2.7% body fat!! Jon said the average is 1% body fat loss in a month so that’s a huge success! And, more importantly I haven’t had hardly any bloated days and felt sooooooooo good these last several weeks!

Now the question is, “will this be a lifestyle change?” or “will I go back to my old habits?”. Definitely going to be a lifestyle change! Don’t get me wrong though… I am still going to enjoy myself here and there. Like next week when I’m in Florida you better believe I’ll be eating whatever I want 🙂

Basically, this new change will be more like an 80/20 lifestyle change. When I’m at home during the week (or even weekends) I’ll be sticking to my clean eating habits. No dairy, no sugar, no carbs… There really isn’t any reason not to stick to this way of life if I feel so much better. Plus, after you start reading labels and really paying attention to what you are putting in your body you’ll be surprised how much “healthy” stuff isn’t really that healthy at ALL.

I’m also going to take a food sensitivity test so I really know what to steer clear of all the time. Unless it’s chocolate then I’ll just have to feel bad because there is no way I’m giving that up! And mac n’ cheese…my weakness!

Since I’m going to make this a lifestyle change I’ll be doing monthly posts with updates. But, I’d love to know what you all would like to hear about? Recipes? Workouts? You tell me!

Lastly, I want to tell you all how GRATEFUL I am for you all keeping me encouraged on this “body reset” journey! I could not have done this without having to stay accountable to you guys. Also, a huge THANK YOU to my trainers at VIVE for pushing me every week and getting me on this journey.

photos: Beckley Co.

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  1. WOW!! 2.7% body fat reduction in 6 weeks is AMAZING! Great job girl!! I would love to see just little short recaps of your days (what you ate and what workout you did). Just something simple. Maybe a link to the recipes if you want but just a general idea works. Personally, I’m looking to do a lot of the same and most of what is out there is for big weight loss — we’re blessed with not needing that but I have a hard time finding anything out there for stuff like this that you’ve done. I’m not looking to lose weight, I just want to tone up and feel better! <3

  2. Did you ever find anything from the food sensitivity testing? I’ve had the same issues with bloating, etc and have thought about doing the same thing… have you found sticking to the mostly dairy/sugar/carb free living to be doable?

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