I may look like a snow bunny, but it’s been a minute since I’ve been on skis… I grew up skiing which I did love and was pretty good at it. However, when you don’t go that often it’s definitely NOT like “riding a bike”! Yes, it’s still fun to hit the slopes for a couple of days but I’d really prefer the après ski life…

Last year, I went to Finland, and although we didn’t ski we did do alllll kinds of fun winter activities where I needed ski gear to stay warm. This ski suit came in handy when we stayed in an ice hotel! Yes, I slept in a complete ice box and it was so incredible. 

Fair Isle Sweater //  Gold Ski Boots // Ski Sweater // Metallic Puffer Jacket // Ski Suit

Whether you are going skiing or just somewhere COLD I cannot recommend buying a pair of Moon Boots. Okay, I know they kind of look ridiculous because they are so big but I promise you your feet will NEVER get cold. I was beyond thankful I bought two pairs before I went to Finland. 

Most people think they are going to be heavy because of how big they look… Nope. They might weigh 5 lbs. Think of a Tempurpedic mattress for your feet. 

The next thing you will absolutely need is a ski jacket or ski suit. Lately, the ski suit is what everyone is wearing and I will say the one I have is extremely warm. I only wore a pair of long underwear underneath it and didn’t get that cold. 

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