"body reset" journey

It’s the last week of my “body reset” journey!!!

I actually can’t believe the 6-weeks has already gone by. At the beginning of this journey I thought 6-weeks was going to be foreverrrrrrr… But, I guess they say it takes 21 days to make a habit so I shouldn’t be too surprised it’s gotten a little easier towards the end.

It’s definitely gotten easier to make healthy choices, but I’m still a foodie so I’ve had a few cheat days over the last two weekends. I had a wedding and then the RewardStyle conference where we did a lot of eating out at some really good restaurants. My weakness is mac n cheese!

With traveling and a busy work schedule lately it’s been a little hard to keep up the motivation to stay on track. But I need to find a way to push through with my workouts and healthy eating. Isn’t it so easy to slip back into old habits?! Like, going through Chick-fil-A on my drive home to Oklahoma :/ But, today I’ve got a few workout tips to stay motivated!




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During this journey I’ve been eating super clean which requires a lot of cooking. I do enjoy cooking, but when you’re limited to certain ingredients it’s been a lot harder to come up with good recipes every single day. The easiest way to solve this problem is follow new motivating Instagram accounts! Here are a few I’ve been following lately:


I have to admit I’ve been doing this “body reset” journey by myself, but my biggest reason for sticking to it has been the darn body fat analysis test I took at VIVE. I’m determined to get that belly fat number down! Also, I have accountability to you all!! Since I’ve been documenting this entire process it’s truly helped me stay on track along with all of your sweet messages so THANK YOU!

I’d recommend having an accountability partner who is doing the same diet/workouts as you’re doing but you don’t absolutely need a workout bud. I schedule out all of my workouts at the beginning of the week, and use StudioHop or ClassPass to do different workouts each day. The good thing about using these apps is you get charged $ if you cancel within a certain time frame. Saving money is good accountability for me!


Like I mentioned above, I schedule out all of my workouts at the beginning of the week. Not only do I put them in my phone calendar but I have a dry erase board on my refrigerator where I visibly write them out. That way I see my workout challenge each day and then I get to cross it off once it’s done! I swear crossing it off each day is so rewarding!


It’s really hard to get down on yourself if you do miss a workout or have a cheat day. But, if you go into it with mindset that you are human and make mistakes then it’s easier to give yourself a break. Instead of focusing on the things you didn’t achieve each week focus on what you DID achieve.

There have been weeks when I haven’t worked out every weekday, but if I get in 3 workouts a week that’s a goal! Also, I may have had a few cheat meals over the last couple of weekends but guess what? I didn’t cheat the entire weekend!


This is my favorite way to stay motivated! Since I have been working out almost every day of the week I’ve been doing a bit more laundry. So, after about 3-weeks I decided I deserve some new workout clothes for all my hard work. The BEST part about going shopping was when I tried on new leggings and they weren’t tight around my belly!!

I used to not be able to wear my workout leggings all day long if I was running errands before working out later in the day. I would start having bloating and then my leggings felt so tight it made me not want to workout. Not anymore!!

These may not be things you haven’t heard before, but I hope a few of these tips help you push through your workout or dieting goals. If you all have any questions about my “body reset” journey ask me below!


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  1. Great tips! Sticking to new routines and workouts are rough in the beginning,but I often remind myself of the consequence when I don’t stick to my diet and workouts. It’s easier to skip out on a piece of cake when I remind myself that i’ll lose more hair and more fertility issues than if I didn’t eat it. Keep it up!


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