what to wear in cabo

My mind is playing tricks on me because it’s 80 degrees here in Dallas and it’s still February!! WTF… If it’s going to be this warm can I at least be on the beach? I usually try to plan a Mexico or beach trip in March mostly to get a tan so I can feel better about myself. Although, last March I was not smart and got the worst sunburn… You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson with sunscreen by now.

I decided to dream of Mexico and sipping margs on the beach by updating my Mexico packing guide! Even though I don’t wear a ton of dresses you’ll see I always wear them when I’m at the beach. AND… Look at me wearing so much color with my turquoise dresses!!

turquoise rhode dress
turquoise ulla johnson dress



I’m so happy high waist bikinis are still in style because they are perfect for my “short torso long leg” body type! However, I’m going to get my butt in gear and start another “Body Reset” journey because I really want to be able to wear a regular bikini this summer and feel even better about how I look!!
flora farms


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