my coolsculpting journey, coolsculpting dallas cost, coolsculpting dallas fort worthOkay y’all… This post has been a long time coming. Many of us are on the “get healthy and get skinny” bandwagon right now since it’s the beginning of the year. Right? I was two weeks into my journey and cheated because I just couldn’t live without wine at least one night a week. But it’s the wine that’s gotten me into this mess (sigh).

I’ve been pretty lucky growing up and never had to watch my weight until a few years ago. My metabolism went to shit, and I actually had to really start working out. Even though I know I’m a pretty thin woman, I’ve always struggled with belly fat. I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll never have rock hard abs or a flat stomach long term. It runs in the family… Both sides of the family pretty much only gain weight in our belly.

Honestly, I have gotten into a great workout routine and stick to a fairly healthy lifestyle when I’m trying. However, the belly fat is still an issue. I wake up every morning and look in the mirror thinking, “ugh why…”! I’ll admit I’m super self-conscious about it. Especially when I’m traveling with my skinny blogger friends who all have long torsos and I’m complete opposite with a short torso and all legs.

That’s why last summer I decided to try CoolSculpting. I’m sure many of you have been watching my CoolSculpting journey over the last several months with Dr. Steven Camp, and wondering if it worked? Let me just say YESSSSSS it absolutely worked, but the results take a while! Like if you decide you want to try CoolSculpting so you can look fabulous this summer you need to start ASAP!!

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Okay, so what is CoolSculpting? It’s the only FDA approved non-invasive procedure that helps eliminate stubborn fat, which just won’t go away with diet or exercise. Ummmm…exactly my situation! CoolSculpting is really exactly what it sounds like, a cooling treatment that literally freezes the fat away. And guess how it was discovered? Doctors who were treating children with cancer would give the kids popsicles each day as a treat. Then they started noticing their cheeks looking smaller… The cold popsicle was freezing the fat in their cheeks. Is that not crazy?!

Before you jump to schedule an appointment there are a few things you need to know:

COOLSCULPTING // BEFORE & AFTERbest coolsculpting dallas, best coolsculpting fort worth, plastic surgeon dallas fort worthBEGINNING // 3-6 MONTHS // POST 6 MONTHS

best coolsculpting in dallas, coolsculpting price dallas tx, brooke burnettcoolsculpting groupon dfw, coolsculpting in dfw, coolsculpting dallas dealsI mentioned above I worked with Dr. Steven Camp for my CoolSculpting treatment. I’ve learned when it comes to doing things to your body or face; do NOT go to someone just because they have the best deal. Do you really want to end up on the show Botched?

I chose Dr. Steven Camp’s office for a few reasons. The biggest reason was that he is a local DFW plastic surgeon and their staff is extremely dedicated to CoolSculpting education. There are very specific steps in the CoolSculpting treatment process and I promise you don’t want someone messing up. Also, they are the nicest doctors you’ll meet. Sarah, his wife, is the cutest and sweetest thing EVER. During my consultation, I felt so comfortable standing there in my underwear getting my photos taken ha. They were genuinely invested in what would be best for my body, and I never felt like they were trying to sell me so they could make money.

Also, if I’m going to be spending that much time in an office I don’t want to feel like I’m at the doctor. Their office is by far the cutest office I’ve ever been to and made me feel like I was at my house. They had blankets and pillows to make me comfortable, and even brought me treats to keep my mind occupied! I was so happy to drive to Fort Worth for my CoolSculpting treatments if it meant going to Dr. Steven Camp’s office. Also, you can easily make a day trip out of the drive, and go do some shopping at the new Ft. Worth shopping center just a mile down the road!

Overall, CoolSculpting was the best beauty investment ever. I don’t feel nearly as insecure about my stomach anymore when I look in the mirror. The best part is I don’t have love handles anymore!! Wait… The best best best part is that the treatment is permanent! Once the fat cells die they are gone for good. This is not to say if you go eat anything and everything you want you won’t blow up like a balloon 😉

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*Thanks Dr. Steven Camp for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been interested in Coolsculpting with my wedding coming up, but I wasn’t sure if it would actually work. I love that you shared your before and after pictures. Helped so much!!

  2. I have the same body type as you, all leg, high waist and no torso. I’ve looked into getting CoolSculpting for a while but have never pulled the plug (I’ve had friends say it doesn’t work). Your results look great! I’m going to research in my area of south FL to find out who the best doctor is to have this done. No matter how much I workout and watch what I eat, I can’t seem to get rid of this darn belly fat and love handles.

  3. Fat freezing is a proper way to get rid of 2, 3 kilos but not from more. If you want to have perfect beach body you should have procedures at least a month before the holiday. Otherwise, you won`t be ready and your body will not manage to throw away the frozen fats.

  4. Congratualtions! Your results look great. Looks like you found a well experienced CoolSculpting practioner in your area. Also you’ve written great review of the treatment. Pretty much sums up what we tell our CoolSculpting patients here in our practise in Chennai (India) too.

      1. Two minutes? Try 5 minutes for me and it literally was hell. I squirmed and clenched my butt cheeks the entire time. Excruciating .

  5. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience.
    Could you please tell me how they put the machine on your abdomen? As a V (overlapped) or horizontal?
    The week after the procedure, was it painful and uncomfortable?

  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together and inform the community! It’s great to see success and happiness from CoolSculpting, especially being given the transparent truth of it all. Love the blog, keep up the good work!

  7. I am thinking of getting Coolsculpting done on my stomach area. I’ve been working out for months and cannot seem to get rid of the fat there. A friend of mine
    suggested this treatment. Thank you for the info on this article.

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