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Dating is hard… You’ve heard me talk about it before, and hopefully remember my snippets of advice I gave you all last year. Now that I’m back in the dating world, I’ll share my formula for picking out the perfect first date outfit. It’s really quite simple…

A lot of girls tend to overdo it when trying to get ready for a date. You all know the saying “less is more”. Keep that in mind! There are so many things that race through my mind when I get asked out… Where are we going? Is it just drinks? Does he look like his online dating profile?! Will I have bad breath? What do I wear? How many squirts of perfume? And the list goes on…

Obviously the most important thing on my list is figuring out what to wear. However, my second biggest fear is that I’ll smell bad.

Downy Protect & Refresh

Downy Protect & Refresh Downy Protect & Refresh Downy Protect & Refresh

We all know how important scent is in making a great first impression, and sometimes Texas isn’t the easiest place to keep smelling fresh. From the sweat of walking around, the BBQ, the crowded bars, there are plenty of bad scents. And if you ever got close to someone at the end of the night who doesn’t smell great, it can be a deal breaker!

So that’s why I love Downy Protect & Refresh. It protects my date night outfit from stretching, fading and fuzz, AND gives them 24-hour odor protection –  like deodorant for your clothes! – which keeps them looking and smelling their best all night.

So, my first step to the perfect first date outfit is adding Downy Protect & Refresh to my laundry routine. It’s super easy, and there are no extra steps. Pour it into your laundry machine’s fabric softener dispenser along with your detergent and you’re good to go! No need to wait for the rinse cycle. By prepping all my clothes with it, I’ll always be date-night ready and know I’ll smell good wherever the night may take us.

My Top Tips For a Fresh First Date Outfit

Now let’s talk about the outfit…

I always always always say wear jeans on the first date. It keeps the outfit simple and doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard like if you were to wear a dress. Then you can totally dress up the look by wearing a fun top. My simple white top with the ruffle sleeves is perfect. It’s not too obnoxious like a bold printed top would be, and you can add a great pair of statement earrings with it.

Next, I always think about my shoes because I want to be comfortable. What if we are standing at a bar for a while and I’m in my Jimmy Choo’s? Um no… So, comfort is key! A simple pair of booties or classic nude pumps is always my preference.

My Top Tips For a Fresh First Date Outfit My Top Tips For a Fresh First Date Outfit

Last thing; keep the accessories to a minimum. So, if you are going to do a statement earring then don’t wear the earrings plus a big cocktail ring or necklace. For this outfit, I decided my statement accessory would be my fun leopard purse! It shows I’m a chill girl but can also be a little glam.

Downy Protect & Refresh

That’s it you guys! This formula works 99% of the time! No matter if you’re going out dancing, sitting next to a fire, playing corn hole or just having a drink on a rooftop bar – I can promise you will look good and smell great all night long! Believe me… After a night by the fire pits at my favorite outdoor patio, my clothes didn’t smell bad at the end of the night at all thanks to Downy Protect & Refresh! My hair…different story 😉

Grab a bottle of Downy Protect & Refresh for your next date night here—and let me know how it goes!

photos: Beckley & Co.

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