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Y’all…it’s finally here!!! My complete “Dallas Restaurant Guide” is official. I can’t tell you how many followers have asked me on a weekly basis about my favorite restaurant spots. This post has been at the top of my list for over a year now, but a lot of restaurants come and go so quickly it was hard to put together. Actually, two of my absolute favorite restaurants went bye-bye last year and I was heartbroken! But, don’t worry there are still a TON of places I love, and I’ve only listed the places that I would take my friends to because you all are like my friends!

I’m sure many of you know I’m a foodie at heart (just watch my Insta stories)! It could’ve been really easy to “copy and paste” a simple list, but I wanted a curated list of personal favorites that I feel represent Dallas eating in the best way possible. Below you’ll find several different categories of Dallas restaurants along with reasons I love them and what I’d recommend ordering! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU ALL THINK!!!! ENJOY 🙂



If you want the best pasta you’ve ever had in your life you better get your reservation now. In fact, I book a reservation here every year for my birthday!

Leela’s Wine Bar

I love wine…duh. This cute wine bar opened up a few months ago just down the street from me and I am probably here once a week.

Eno’s Pizza

So I may or may not have eaten an entire pizza to myself here. I also love their atmosphere because it’s located in the cutest area of Dallas. Great date night spot!

Town Hearth

This restaurant was on my list for a while, and I finally got to go a couple of months ago… It did NOT disappoint. We spent almost $400 between two people…yeah that good!

HG Sply Co.

Literally my favorite patio in Dallas! The view of Downtown is amazing, and their food is healthy which is great when I’m on my “body reset” diet. Also, their beet cocktail is ah-mazing!! So just try it 🙂


Get the pappardelle… I promise you will fall in love. This is my absolute favorite date night spot. Not only is their pasta made fresh every day, but their menu is all around incredible. And, if you are an oyster lover they’ve got you covered!

Little Katana

Not joking I am probably at this little sushi spot once a week or at least every other week. Anytime my girlfriends and I go for a casual dinner they know exactly where I’m going to pick. Get the hot stone bowl!!


I was so surprised at how amazing the food was here! It’s always a popular spot so I recommend making a reservation, but if you’re like me then I always prefer to sit at the bar. I’ve only been a couple of times, but everything I’ve had did NOT disappoint.


Do you like cheese? Do you like queso? And do you love Mexican? Then you need to go to Javier’s. It’s a local spot that has been here for I don’t even know how long. I love their food, but they have this after dinner cocktail that they light on fire that’s absolutely delicious. And, be sure to check out the Cigar Bar!

The Porch

If you live in Dallas you know this restaurant. It’s one of those places I always go to when I can’t make up my mind on what I want to eat. Always consistent and always good food. Get the gooey butter cake for dessert!

Where to eat in Dallas: Cheese platedallas restaurant guide



La La Land Kind Cafe


The Merchant

My favorite is their iced lavender almond milk latte.



Best almond croissant ever. Actually, all of their pastries remind me of being in Paris.





Time’s Ten Cellars
Great spot for events or just a casual girls night!




(just opened above Leela’s Wine Bar!)

Armoury DE
Top old fashion I’ve ever had and that’s hard to do since I don’t drink a lot of whiskeys…

Atwater Alley
(behind Henry’s Majestic)

Bowen House
Great first date spot!! But boys I expect dinner too 😉



Cafe Brazil
Literally can never go wrong with this place… Great for hangover brunch haha. Get the pumpkin pancakes when they are in season!


The wait might be 2 hours, but it’s worth it! Chicken and waffles…that’s all I’m going to say.

Company Cafe

dallas restaurant guide


Up On Knox

Another new restaurant that just popped up in the area! Their decor is beautiful, and the food is SO good. Literally, I didn’t know what category to put them in because I’ve been for brunch, lunch, cocktails and dinner… Love it all!


Alamo Club

Neighborhood Services
The meatballs!! You have to order them for an appetizer, but I’ve for sure ordered them as my entree.


I grew up going here whenever we would come down from Oklahoma to visit my aunt. All I can say is it’s just good. It’s our “go-to” whenever my parents come to town because it never disappoints.

Henry’s Majestic


The Rustic
Great for outdoor live music, and a Texas vibe. Definitely get the burger!

Laurel Tavern

Happiest Hour
Their rooftop patio is a close second to HG… If you’re going to a concert or game at American Airlines Center this place is perfect for drinks and pretty views.

Ice House

Great spot for a Friday night out with a group of friends. The outdoor area is HUGE and has a HUGE chandelier in the courtyard.

Saint Ann



Usually, a “go-to” brunch spot when I’m trying to be “good”. The shaved brussels salad with chicken is my jam. Trying to figure out the recipe to create at home!

The best restaurants in Dallas


Mi Cocina
Because everyone needs a Mambo Taxi experience! Best (and strongest) margs in town + brisket tacos = true love!


El Bolero
If you want an Insta worthy picture you’ve gotta go here! They are opening a new location so close to me too, yay!!

Mr. Mesero

Taco Heads


Fireside Pies
Truffle Oil… Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I could eat the triple roni pizza with truffle oil every night if I wouldn’t gain weight. I used to live across the street and it was a little dangerous!

Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar
They make their own bread which is so light and fluffy! Order the cheese fondue for an appetizer or get it with your pizza to dip the crust in!!




Sixty Vines

So this place opened in Plano before the recent Dallas opening. Anytime my suburb friends wanted to get together we had to go here if I was driving 30 minutes away haha. Words can’t describe how happy I am that they opened their Dallas location. Great date night spot!

The Charles

So I think I could eat my weight in pasta and pizza here! Definitely at the top of my list for date night spots, but don’t plan on doing anything after bc I’ll be in wine and pasta coma…



Dolce Riviera
Beautiful outdoor seating area! In addition, it’s a great spot for dinner or drinks with friends or another couple.

Black dress plus a list of the best restaurants in Dallas


Jake’s Burgers & Beer
Okay so anytime I’m hungover I always get a burger. Always. This is my spot. Just ask my friends.


Pints & Quarts

Off Site Kitchen
A little hole in the wall with a lot to offer! So if you want a juicy drip down your hand’s burger this is the place.


Bird Bakery
Chicken salad + mini cupcake + hibiscus tea = the perfect lunch. And, another Insta worthy photo spot!


Honor Bar
If you want to do some shopping (or window shopping for me) in Highland Park Village and need a really great salad or glass of rosé you’ll love this place.

Edith’s French Bistro

True Food

Taco Diner
Los Cabos salad with chicken! This salad is so light and refreshing on a hot summer day. It’s basically lettuce and avocado mixed together but it’s so amazing. So I need to get the recipe to make at home!


Nick & Sam’s
My personal favorite, but we live in Texas so you’ve got your pick of delicious steakhouses. Moreover, Mac n’ cheese is the reason this is my favorite spot!

Bob’s Steakhouse

Al Biernat’s




Smoky Rose
This place is a little bit outside of Dallas, but it’s top-notch. I had my birthday dinner (not on my actual bday bc that’s’ Lucia night) there with my girlfriends last year, and it exceeded my expectations. And the venue is so pretty!

Pecan Lodge

18th & Vine


I feel guilty saying this, but I had the rabbit pappardelle and oh my goodness… This place is one of those spots where I always try to go to when mom and dad are in town (or when I find a husband).


Bistro 31

The Grape
A Dallas restaurant every local knows about I’m pretty sure. From the outside appearance, you wouldn’t expect this place to be so incredible.

Rise No 1


Another Dallas spot the locals love! If it was closer to me I’d go more often!

R+D Kitchen




Gung Ho
I’m not a big Asian fan, but since HG Sply Co. opened this sister restaurant I had to check it out. Is “healthy” Asain food a thing? And it’s open until 2 am!

Wabi House

Alright, that completes my Dallas restaurant guide! Since the restaurant scene changes fairly frequently here in Dallas, I’ll be updating this list a lot. So be sure to check back! Also, share your favorite dishes/drinks from these places below so I can try them out!!

photos: Beckley Co.




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