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Rise and wine! That’s my motto for Valentine’s Day! Jk 😉 Kinda… But really, you probably either love or hate Valentine’s Day… right? Considering I’m still single I can’t say I absolutely love the holiday. I never thought I’d still be dating at 31 years old, and heartbreak still sucks but it is what it is. This year I’ve decided I am going to embrace the holiday instead of feeling incredibly lonely. Not saying it’ll be easy but I think I’ve got some good ideas on how to make it a great day!

Although, now that Galentine’s Day is a thing you could just skip Valentine’s Day all together and celebrate with your besties! I’ll be doing both next week! Galentine’s Day is next Tuesday, and I’m hosting my single gals for a fun pasta making dinner party. Who doesn’t love carbs, wine, and chocolate? Btw…check out the chocolate wine below!

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5 Tips to Overcome Loneliness on Valentine’s Day

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That’s all of my words of wisdom! This isn’t an exact formula for making you feel happy. But, some of these things might make you forget about the loneliness for a day! We should all celebrate that there is some form of LOVE in our life!

Happy Valentine’s friends!!

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  1. Great post and tips! As a single gal for many years now, Valentine’s day never bothered me, but I never saw the appeal of obligatory flowers and dates. I would much rather receive flowers and a special date on a random Tuesday because he genuinely thought of me than receiving flowers because he had to. If it helps, embrace reading love stories and cute pictures rather than avoid it. I find that reading romantic love stories inspires me more than anything.


  2. These are great tips! I was single forever!!!! And I totally feel you. Not only was I single but I never dated and I worked in the restaurant industry so Vday was rough on me. Often times on Valentine’s Day I would just accept that fact that I was lonely and do a little crying sometimes self honesty helps and so does wine and a good movie afterwards to distract. From a girl who thought she’d be single forever, trust me, it will all workout.

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