Would y’all believe me if I told you Jaxson used to weigh 20 lbs?! It’s true!! Scroll down to see a pic! When Tanya of Tanya Foster blog snapchatted about her dogs needing to lose weight I immediately responded because I got Jaxson to drop 7 lbs on the “green bean diet”. We love doing blog posts together so we thought it would be perfect to talk about winter workout wear and our pups. As a dog owner you don’t have much of a choice about going outside during the cold winter months. That’s why you need to bundle up, and get moving to keep you and your pup healthy! Without planning it we both showed up in this twist front top and puffer coats…great minds think alike!




green bean dog diet


I’ve always had an active lifestyle, but in all reality it is extremely difficult to workout when it’s freezing outside. However, Jaxson and I both really like treats so we need the exercise. Did you see my banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe yesterday?! Told ya I like treats…but these cookies are pretty healthy! Anyway…a new pair of Nike running shoes, and a super warm puffer coat are great motivation to get my butt in gear.  In all honesty, I usually wear workout clothes 3 out of 7 days a week so I need a few pairs of comfortable workout leggings too.


photos: So Then They Say

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