I get tons of questions about my hair color, and the products I use so I want to fill you all in! I’ve highlighted my hair since I was in 7th grade so I’m very particular about my color. About a year ago, I started working with Frederic Fekkai where I learned about balayage (a color technique) and I’ll never go back to foil highlights. Take a look at the short video I did about Frederic Fekkai balayage . Why do I love balayage so much? I can go almost 4 months without noticing the color has grown out! Seriously, I forgot last time until a lady at the Neiman’s beauty counter told me she liked my ombre color…hahaha!

Today I want to loop you in on some of my favorite Frederic Fekkai styling products. I’ve used their products long before I started working with them, and they are some of the best quality products on the market.

Blowout PrimerPrep your hair to fight again the heat. I curl my hair almost everyday so I absolutely need a product to protect against breakage.

Sheer Hold HairsprayI live by big hair. My hair is super fine and thick so it’s extremely hard to get volume and keep it. That’s why hairspray is my best friend. The Frederic Fekkai sheer hairspray is great for when I wear my hair up and don’t need a firm hold.

frederic fekkai styling products - brooke burnett - balayage highlights for blondes - dallas fashion blogger

Blowout Hair Refresher Dry ShampooI didn’t start using dry shampoo until a few months ago…can you believe it?! I didn’t know what I was missing. I love their dry shampoo for the day after I wash my hair. My hair is still fairly clean, but after sleeping on it I need a little refresh umph!

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