NordstromBeauty-4NordstromBeauty-3LailaNordstromBeautyI was invited to the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show last Saturday morning (at 7:30am!) to see what fall beauty trends are on the rise this season. Nordstrom’s beauty director, Debra Redmond, hosted the show discussing the brands three favorite trends this season: velvet berry lips, night shades, and sparkling accents. I absolutely love the berry lip trend, but on me…no way! Well that’s what I thought until my make-over with Chanel after the show. I figured I’d give it a try and branch out from my classic neutral look. Of course I was pleasantly surprised and am absolutely in love with the CHANEL ROUGE COCO SHINEHydrating Sheer Lipshine! Berry lips won’t be an everyday thing, but for an evening out it’s a nice change. My other two amazing beauty finds from the trend show are the Laila perfume and Kate Somerville ‘Mega-C’ Dual Radiance Serum. Good skincare products are always on my horizon, and I’ve been wanting to try Kate Somerville’s line for a while now. I’ve always used a Vitamin C serum, but this one is supercharged with extra goodies for your skin. Along with looking good a girl needs to smell good. The Laila fragrance designer, Geir Ness, was at the show to talk with us about the decadent perfume. I’m not sure I can even explain how incredible this perfume smells, but I will tell you it was recently named the best smelling perfume that men prefer on women and it’s been the perfume for the Grammy’s! I honestly think Laila would smell divine on any woman so believe me you need to get it.

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