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Hotel Emile – This boutique Paris hotel is located in the 3rd Arrondissement perfectly located to the metro, shopping, and a rather large handful of amazing restaurants. Even though it’s on a rather busy street the noise dies down at night so you can get some sleep. The rooms are very modern and rather small, but for two girls it was perfect.

Hotel de Seine – This boutique Paris hotel is located in the wonderful Saint Germain district. A short walk to tons of incredible restaurants, and Saint Germain street where you will find the best shopping.


La Ferrandaise – I’m a little upset because I actually didn’t eat here, but my cousin, aunt and uncle said it was one of the best meals they had on the trip. It was recommended to them by the concierge at Hotel de Seine which was one of the best recommendations they received.

Bateaux Parisienne – My parents went on a riverboat dinner cruise when they were in Paris just over a year ago, and it was their number one recommendation. Now it’s my #1 recommendation for you! The boat has glass windows all the way around (even the top) so you have an amazing view of everything while floating down the Seine. Be sure to purchase the 2nd tier tickets so you are guaranteed to be on the all glass boat, and I’d recommend spending a little more to get a guaranteed table by the side.

Pizza Chic – Our tour guide at the Louvre recommended this Italian pizzeria to us. Even though we went to Italy after our week in Paris I have to say this was hands down one of the best margarita pizzas I’ve ever eaten! It’s located in the popular Saint Germain area, and you need to be sure to make a reservation.

Le Relais de l’Entrecôte – This was another restaurant recommendation for a traditional French restaurant. Each night there is only one item on the menu (kinda crazy, but always good). We were hesitant to eat here until this cute American guy piped up and told us it was by far his favorite restaurant in Paris. We decided to go for it, and we were not disappointed. At all.

Robert et Louise – After a long day of shopping a good, hearty home cooked meal hits the spot. A delicious steak from Robert et Louise is just the place, and you feel right at home in their kitchen (literally it’s like you’re in their kitchen). We walked in right after they opened, and were lucky to sit at the bar (hint: make a reservation!) where we could watch them cook our steaks on the open fireplace. It really is the perfect dinner spot slightly hidden away on a side street in the 3rd Arrondissement.

Ladurée – If you’re a sweets person you absolutely have to try a macaroon from the famous Ladurée. The original location is a brief walk from the Chanel store down Rue Saint Honore. My favorite macaroons were lemon, chocolat, and Marie Antoinette.

Odette – I started following a few Parisian bloggers before I left for Paris, and I kept seeing this cute café on several of their Instagram profiles. If you’re going to Notre Dome this is the perfect spot for a quick pick-me-up coffee and sweet treat. Their crème puffs are the perfect bite size treat, and I promise you won’t be able to eat just one! You can see my favorites here.

Cafes in Montmartre – After you visit the Sacre Coeur and purchase a painting from the local artists (they are all so cute!) you might be a little tired. Good thing there are a ton of cafes in the area, but I’d recommend walking down some of the side streets to find the cafes that are slightly less crowded. Plus, it’s just fun to walk down the streets and explore.


Colette – Alrighty, put this popular shopping hotspot at the top of your list! Not only do they have a fabulous collection of designer clothing, but they also have the cutest accessories like coffee mugs, iPhone cases, and other fun trinkets. Think Urban Outfitters, but much more chic. If you have time you should really have lunch downstairs at the café, and I’m pretty sure it’s the place to “be seen” in Paris. Thanks to my new lovely blogger girlfriend, Camille, we had the pleasure of lunching at Colette one afternoon!

Allison (3rd Arrondissement) – The cutest local boutique just across the street from our hotel in the 3rd Arrondissement. It’s quite small with only a few sizes in each item, but I promise you’re likely to find several things you like at very reasonable prices! I found this amazing beaded black and white top, and woven colorful skirt (see my Instagram pic here) both under $100.

Champs-Elysées – All of your mainstream stores including Guerlain, this amazing perfume and make up store. They do sell their perfumes online, but they also have a few Paris original scents. Of course, I had to get one that was only sold in Paris (shocking).

Chanel (original store) – not much to say here…you just have to go!

Rue Saint Honoré – lots of high end retail stores; fun to walk down after visiting the original Chanel store then head to Champs-Elysées

Fragonard – perfume store in the 3rd and Montmartre. This little perfumery is too cute. After walking down the hill from the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre we stumbled upon Fragonard. Not only do they have some wonderful perfumes original to Paris, but they also have soaps, candles, and diffusers. Naturally I wanted them all, but chose Emilie a floral scent that blends fragrances of rose and jasmine with a more delicate violet notes.

Galeries Lafayette Paris – A girls shopping dream… It’s considered a department store, but it has every store you could imagine inside. Seriously, there was a Topshop, Zara, Urban Outfitters, and I can’t even remember what else!

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