brooke burnett in lower greenvilleGuess what?! It’s “International Walk to Work Day”! Who knew…right? It’s no secret I work from home so I’m usually just walking downstairs to my office 🙂 But, I can’t work from home all day long or I’d legit go crazy. I’m actually writing this post from a coffee shop because I’d been home all morning and needed a new atmosphere for inspiration.

I love the area I live in because there are actually about 3 coffee shops I can walk to if I’m in the mood! Honestly, now that the weather is nicer I need to start walking to these places more often… This “Walk to Work” campaign with FitFlop has inspired me to get movin.


Dallas blogger wearing white FitFlop shoes

trendy blazer paired with white tee

business casual work day on Dallas patio

Fitflop shoes paired with trendy blazer and distressed jeans

comfortable white FitFlop sneakers

Dallas lifestyle blogger Brooke Burnett

walk to work day with FitFlop sneakers


I’d never heard of FitFlop, but when I say these shoes are so comfortable they feel like you’re walking on clouds I’m NOT JOKING. You should know by now if you follow me I take comfort very seriously. I wish I had known about this UK company when I went to Europe for 3-weeks and was walking all over the place!

The reason FitFlop has such comfortable shoes is because it seems they have put some major investment in their footbed technology. Every shoe is ergonomically designed, and has up to triple density construction. No wonder they feel so good on my feet!

Anyone who has been shoe shopping knows it’s hard to find a good shoe that is extremely comfortable and stylish. Agree? But, FitFlop has some pretty cute designs like these white sneakers. I have been living in sneakers the last few months because I love the athleisure trend so much. Although sneakers don’t have to be worn with just athletic wear… Look how cute they are with these jeans and striped blazer?!

So even if you don’t have a pair of FitFlop shoes (yet…) I’d encourage you to get up and walk to work today! I mean if you drive an hour to work I totally understand, ha. However, just try to get up and get moving for 20 minutes. You know we could all use a break from staring at a computer screen for so long!!

photos: Beckley Co.

*Thanks FitFlop for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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