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Happy Fall Y’all! Since I’m selling my house I didn’t want to go overboard with seasonal decorations right now. But, of course I wanted to bring the season’s feels into my house with a few fall home decor items like pumpkins and fall candles. I’ve already burned through two of my favorite new fall candle in a matter of weeks. That usually never happens because I end up buying so many I only get through half the candle before I’m on to the next. It smells THAT GOOD (and it’s not pumpkin!).

I’m curious…are you all big seasonal decorators at your house? I know there are some people like my mom who have an entire closet dedicated to seasonal home decor. Ummmm…I don’t have time or room to be that festive, lol.

So how can you decorate for the season in the simplest ways? Easy.

Obviously, the first way I update my fall home decor is with candles and pumpkin decor. Then I usually go for pillows and blankets. The Target $3-5 section is GOLD. I get so much stuff from there…maybe too much. But, what woman leaves Target with only the things she REALLY NEEDS?

fall dining decor

fall decor


I didn’t get out all of my pumpkins this year, but I had to place a few around the house. I also incorporate real white pumpkins wherever I can!


home decor

home decor for fall

fall home decor

home decor for fall

Entertaining is huge for me during this time of year! It’s my birthday month, and I usually buy every pumpkin item possible at Trader Joe’s so I always host a fall dinner for my friends. I bought this round dining table last year and I’m still obsessed. Instead of a full tablescape I just keep some fresh flowers and candles in the middle.

Also, if you have a bar cart or bar area I swap out my glassware and add some string lights. I decided to sell my bar cart and make this bookshelf my bar area which I absolutely love now. BUT…I still have my Halloween bar cart decor here for some inspiration!


fall theme

Moving into the living room I really didn’t have to do much because a lot of my new decor is fall’ish anyway. I recently got this amazing faux fur throw which is the perfect fall color. Then I added some other decorative pumpkins around the room like this glitter pumpkin which is my favorite one. This fall leaf garland always looks so good on top of my TV stand. Unfortunately, it sold out from last year but I found a similar one here.


living room decor

fall season decor

fall-themed decor


So I think it’s fairly obvious candles can make any home smell and look better any time of year! I am a sucker for a good candle so I have a million of them stashed all over my house. I always have a candle display on my kitchen countertop because that’s the first thing people see when they walk up my stairs. You can’t go wrong with flowers and candles!

Now that things are all decorated I can’t wait to have people over for a pumpkin party or our annual Friendsgiving!!

photos: Beckley Co.

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