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Morning! We are actually feeling cozy at home and cuddled up on the couch right now, getting a slower start to our morning… But, it’s Friday so it’s fine! Over the last 2 months, I took some time off from traveling because it felt like I’d been gone all summer. It’s been so nice and much needed. However, after all my travels this summer coming home didn’t feel like “home”… Know what I mean?

When I moved into my house 3 years ago, I was rushed to get it furnished and decorated quickly for a big party I was throwing. Everything was very neutral and white which looked great because that was the trend. But, that’s not really my style. I love warm tones and lots of black. So… I decided it was time for a little home makeover. I wanted to walk into my house and it feel like home. Also, I wanted it to feel lived in so I could wrap up in a cozy sweater or blanket and melt away into the couch.

Feeling Cozy at Home

I’ve been feeling super unsettled with everything in my life over the last several months so change was much needed… The first thing I knew I could change to feel better was my wardrobe. I did a HUGE closet clean out and purge which felt amazing. Then I did the same with my house. Obviously it’s a bit more expensive to purge furniture so I just started with the little things like pillows, blankets, and decor items. After doing all of this I finally feel more like “ME”.

cozy at home. camel sweater

cozy at home. camel trend

cozy at home. camel sweater

cozy at home. camel tones

Are you noticing a color trend throughout my house and even with my clothes lately? This rich camel color is so on trend right now for everything! I love it. And, since we are on the topic of all things cozy for fall I want to share some cozy sweaters from Nordstrom that are on trend right now.


camel trend

home decors

camel sweater

feeling cozy at home

camel color trend

Since I’m not 100% finished with my home decor updates I’ll wait to share a full fall home decor post, but below are some things I’ve been eyeing! When I got this coffee mug I remember how much everyone loved it and it makes for a great gift. Also, I know I don’t need another throw or blanket but… I’m thinking the dogs need their own blanket. Great, glad we agree on that!

With all the cute home decor stuff at Nordstrom I’m surprised they don’t have a separate store. Wouldn’t that be amazing? And dangerous. If you’ve never thought about looking for home decor at Nordstrom think again. They’ve got an amazing selection!


*Thanks Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my honest review. 

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  1. It’s funny you mention the neutral colors. It seems grays and beige are still all the rage. I feel like dark wood flooring is coming back in, but where that will take furniture? Who knows. A pop of color never hurt anyone… speaking of which, those cheetah print pillows really are just that!

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