It’s that time of year again…athleisure season! Woohoo!! This might be my favorite month! Since I started back on the “Body Reset” I’m constantly at the gym. So, it’s way easier to look completely acceptable wearing my workout clothes all day long. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do if I had to go into an office every day… I don’t think leggings are appropriate. Or could anyone really tell if you were wearing these shiny black leggings?!

Because I love this time of year SO freaking much I wanted to share 10 athleisure outfits that can be worn all month long (or beyond!). I may have gone a tad overboard with buying new workout clothes… But, when you wear it all the time I think it’s a good investment! I love a good deal, but when we are talking about wearing clothes where you’ll be bending over I want quality stuff…know what I mean?

Some of my absolute favorite athletic wear brands are Athleta, Alo Yoga, Zella, New Balance, Varley, and Beyond Yoga. What about you all?? I actually used to have a client that sold athletic wear and I was her marketing director. So I got to go to market with her to pick out stuff all the time, and I learned sooooo much about all the different brands!


Leopard Tee // Heather Grey Fleece Jogger Pants // Blanket Scarf // Gold Salt Colored Sneakers 

Grey Textured Hoodie // White Leggings // Grey and Pink Lace Up Sneakers 

Grey Shine High Waist Leggings // Tan Cashmere Sweater // Fringed Black Scarf //Tan Sneakers

Dark Red Tank // Faux Leather Leggings // Black Metallic Sneakers // Tan Wool & Cashmere Cardigan

Grey Tank // Black Leggings // Black Sherpa Jacket // Black Running Sneakers

Base Layer Top // Pink, White and Black Leggings // Running Sneakers // White Down Vest

Dark Red Fleece Pullover //Leggings // Black Metallic Sneakers

White Hoodie // Gravel Heather Leggings // Pure Platinum Sneakers

Long Sleeve Grey Top // Black Leggings // Black Suede Sneakers // Dark Grey Maxi Coat

Varsity Dox Colored Sweatshirt // Camo Faux Leather Leggings // Black Running Sneakers // Black Baseball Cap

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  1. I throughly enjoy your athleisure outfit blog posts. Please post those types of outfits more frequently. I workout and wear the clothing 4x per week and need more inspiration. I mainly wear my leggings with tennis dresses and skorts to cover my bottom, but love your looks.

  2. Gym and activewear have got popularity rapidly not only because they look great but they are more comfortable in practicing gym and exercise. With the increasing number of people in the gym, there are seamlessly never-ending choices available for Gym Leggings.

  3. The athleisure trend is superior! Love the sporty chicness! The sherpa sweatshirt ideally matches slim track custom pants tucked in jogger’s shoes.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article and what a lovely pairing you have done for all the outfits you look super. Truly inspired from it

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