Over the last few years I’ve tried setting ONE WORD to live by for the year instead of a list of resolutions. This ONE WORD can be applied in several areas of my life. This year my ONE WORD is PATIENCE. Or be patient… Be patient with relationships. Be patient with work. And be patient with my “Body Reset” journey. After all change doesn’t happen over night. Right?


I’ve never been a patient person. When I want something I want it now. I think most of that mentality stems from my anxiety. When I get something on my mind I can’t move on to something else until that thing is done. In some areas of life it can be okay… Like if my house needs to be cleaned haha. But in most other areas, it’s not good… Like wanting a husband. Not in my control 🙁

Last year, my ONE WORD was NO EXPECTATIONS (okay sorry it was two words!). The main reason I chose that was because I needed to let go of expecting the next guy I dated to be the one. I needed to realize God was in control not me. I couldn’t expect I deserved a husband just because I was getting older and felt like I was ready for a husband (believe me I still feel like I’m totally ready!!).

Luckily, I had a night of prayer where I finally let go of expecting to find a husband and trusting in His timing. That’s why this year I must be PATIENT with His timing. I trust that He has the best plan for my life, but now I have to learn how to be PATIENT with His plan.

As I’ve gotten older, there are other things in my work life where I’ve had to learn PATIENCE.

Because work is quite busy its allowed me to hire a part-time assistant. I’ve had other people work for me before, but usually when they didn’t understand something or couldn’t do it right away I just did it myself because I wasn’t patient enough. I’ll say I’m much better at learning how to train someone and be patient with their learning process. In the end, it’ll get done one way or another.

Speaking of work… There are some really really exciting (and big) projects I have coming up this year. However, these things are going to take time. I’m trying really hard not to rush these things, but I am so excited I want them to be done now! This will probably be my biggest challenge with PATIENCE.

So instead of New Year resolutions…what’s your ONE WORD?!

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