I’ve had several friends ask me, “What is this ‘Like it’ thing?” so I thought I would explain it for all of my followers! The main reason is beneficial is because it allows you – my followers – to shop directly from my Instagram feed. is a part of RewardStyle which is the affiliate program I work with allowing me to make a small commission off of the purchases you make from my blog links. Let’s break it down:

Any links you click on through my blog have a RS shortened link attached that track any purchases you make. So if you click on a link to Nordstrom through my blog – ex. these shoes – and purchase ANYTHING (not just the shoes) from Nordstrom then I receive a small commission from your purchase.

So how does this work for Same way, but through Instagram! If you want information on the exact products I’m wearing in my Instagram posts you first need to sign up at Then every time you “LIKE” my Instagram photos with a link in the caption, you’ll get an email with my ready-to-shop look. It looks like the above images when you receive the email. Then the same thing applies whenever you click on the product and purchase anything from that brands website. Make sense now?!

By using my links, it helps me track what you all are liking, shopping for, and let’s me post more stuff you all want to see. I encourage you to sign up at so you can receive my simple, sophisticated, chic looks straight to your inbox.

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