Okay I’ve talked about TAN-LUXE now for ages because these are the self tanning products I swear by… They are the only products that don’t smell horrible and have skincare benefits. If you absolutely HATE getting spray tans like me, I promise you’ll love these! I’ve introduced TAN-LUXE to all of my friends, and last year when we were on a bachelorette trip in Mexico everyone was in my bathroom using The Gloss before we went out each night. A real tan doesn’t give you shimmer 😉

I met with the founder of TAN-LUXE a few years ago.

In all honesty, I was a little skeptical because as I mentioned I hate self tanning products. My entire world changed when I learned about the research and development of TAN-LUXE products. Did you know most sunless tanning products only have that brownish color to them so you can see the tan go on your skin? Most self tanning products can be clear! If you saw my Insta stories not too long ago then you saw I was using the Hydra Mousse which is a clear foam. Yes, clear! The Sleep Oil drops are also clear… So how do you get a tan?

Tan Luxe The Face & The Body

TAN-LUXE products are developed to work with your skin’s own melanin to create the most optimal glow.

How crazy is that?! I remember using the Sleep Oil for the first time and forgot to wash my hands (after all it’s clear). The next day when I woke up… I’m sure you can imagine. My hands were orange, haha. After seeing how amazing the self tanning drops were I decided to try the Hydra Mousse for my entire body.

I wish I kept the picture I took and sent to my friend… I didn’t really think it was going to work that good. Wrong. Because I didn’t try to get my back I looked like I wore a white t-shirt on my back only! Does that tell you how much this stuff works?!

(see before and after pics below)

Tan-Luxe: The Glow

The Gloss is probably my favorite TAN-LUXE product.

Mostly because it smells amazing and gives you the pretties glowing shimmer! I wear it anytime I just want a little glow for a quick event or night out. It can come off on your clothes a bit if you don’t let it dry for a good hour.

Tan Luxe Hydra Mousse Review

Back to the Hydra Mousse

This is what I have started using on a weekly basis instead of getting a spray tan like most would do. The hand sponge is super easy to use and will reach all places on your back. You just have to reach a little… The best part about this stuff is you can put on clothes immediately after and it doesn’t come off! Yes, it does smell a little bit but not nearly as bad as a sticky spray tan. After about an hour, you’ll start to see the color develop. So if you missed any spots just go touch them up!

Below are my before and after photos! This was after about 6 hours. I didn’t use any filter on these photos so you could really tell how it looked. You may not think you can tell much of a difference, but I 100% can tell you I’m about 3 shades darker after I use it!

Tan-Luxe Before and After:

Tan-Luxe Before and After


Tan Luxe Before and After


If you’re still skeptical, I promise just give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Start with the Sleep Oil so you can see how the clear technology works!

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