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Happy hump day! If you’ve been following me for a bit then you probably know how my fitness journey has transformed over the last year. After doing the “Body Reset” program last spring, my lifestyle has changed in such a good way. I have a constant workout routine and stick to a clean eating diet as much as possible. That being said… There are a LOT of days where I don’t get out of my workout clothes because I’m always running to or from a workout!

This is one reason I really love The Shops at Park Lane! Anytime I’m going to spin class at Zyn22 I usually work beforehand if class is around dinner time. It’s seriously so convenient. I’ll go post up at Starbucks for a few hours before spin class to knock out some work. I swear these are my most productive work times when I only have 2-3 hours and zone in. I’ve always been one to work better with background noise at a coffee shop or with the television on. Library’s were NOT my thing in college… way too quiet to focus, haha.

Workout outfit

a preppy workout outfit

white workout clothes featured

preppy workout clothes

Brooke is featuring Shops at Park Lane

Brooke is featuring Shops at Park Lane

After class I’ll run over to Zoe’s or Whole Foods to pick up something healthy to eat. It’s so nice when I don’t have to run all over town doing each of these activities. I can walk around The Shops at Park Lane to accomplish all my needs for the day!

That’s usually what I’ll do if I’m working out in the evening, but there are times when my day is a little busier and I have to do spin class in the morning or at lunch. If that’s the case then I’ll swing by The Juice Bar or Crisp Salad Co. for a quick healthy option. I love that Crisp Salad Co. is right there because they closed the one by my house!

Honestly, the more I think about it there are quite a few healthy places in The Shops at Park Lane which work great for my lifestyle. Sometime if I have some free time I may (or may not) pop into a few of the retail stores… #guilty. I’m sorry but who doesn’t love a great Home Goods find?!

*Thanks to The Shops at Park Lane for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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