Let’s just say there are no bad days at Casa Koko… Just look at this place! I don’t even know where to begin to start telling you all why you must visit Casa Koko in Punta Mita, Mexico. This was definitely a DREAM vacation!!! It’s all thanks to the amazing Rejane with the R-List. She was the one who also set up my Costa Rica trip last summer. I can’t even express in words how thankful I am to have connected with her!

DALLAS BLOGGER BABESAllyson in Wonderland (honorary Dallas blogger friend) // The Perennial Style // The Miller Affect // My View in Heels // A Lo Profile // Gal About Town // The Fashion Hour // Whits Whims

DALLAS BLOGGER BABESAllyson in Wonderland (honorary Dallas blogger friend) // The Perennial Style // The Miller Affect // My View in Heels // A Lo Profile // Gal About Town // The Fashion Hour // Whits Whims


Allyson in Wonderland (honorary Dallas blogger friend) // The Perennial Style // The Miller Affect // My View in Heels // A Lo Profile // Gal About Town // The Fashion Hour // Whits Whims


My first trip to Mexico was a loooooooong time ago! I think I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been down there now. Growing up we always used to go to Cancun because it was so easy to get to. But, there are so many other amazing spots I’ve now discovered in Mexico.

Punta Mita is actually about 45 minutes northwest of Puerto Vallarta. It’s super easy to fly into and easy drive to get to this secluded area. My first trip to Punta Mita was last year for a friends bachelorette party. There are only about 5 hotels in Punta Mita along with several villas like Casa Koko. So if you are nervous about feeling safe don’t be!

The reason I love Punta Mita so much is because of the scenery. It’s surrounded by these amazing mountain views which almost makes you feel like you’re in Hawaii or something. Also, if you go during the right season you can go whale watching! But, more than anything these are some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life!

Casa Koko in Punta Mita, Mexico

Casa Koko in Punta Mita, Mexico


Ummmmm….why not?! Casa Koko is a 9-bedroom luxury villa that accommodates up to 22 people. It’s the perfect place for a major birthday celebration (my dad’s 60th is next year…?), bachelorette trip, anniversary trip, or even a wedding! You do NOT have to book all 9 rooms though. It’s a minimum of 3 nights and 3 bedrooms.

Believe me I know Casa Koko is a luxury expense, but I swear if you are ever planning on taking a dream vacation then look no further.

Other Casa Koko features:

Casa Koko features

Pool at Casa Koko in Punta Mita

Pool at Casa Koko

Room at Casa Koko

Lunch time

Pool in in Punta Mita, Mexico

Since I was the one who organized the trip I got to stay in one of the master bedrooms alllllllllll to myself! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE all of these girls, but I also love some “me” time. Considering I’m still single and haven’t had a bachelorette trip we can pretend this was mine for now lol. Honestly, I may just go back to Casa Koko one day for my real bachelorette trip.


The one great thing about Casa Koko is the fact that they plan your entire itinerary before you arrive. I was so thankful I didn’t have to stress about putting everything together and making sure everyone was enjoying themselves. Even though we didn’t need (or want) to leave Casa Koko we did have a few fun things on our agenda.

FRIDAY: We arrived mid-afternoon to a light lunch and margaritas (of course!). Then we had a tour of the property and picked rooms. Truly nobody cared which room they stayed in because they are all amazing. That night we had a surf-and-turf dinner with lobster, shrimp, steak, and so much more.

SATURDAY: We started the day with Vallarta Adventures on a fun sailing trip. Then we went to Kupuri Beach Club where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and more margs (obvi). Okay next was something pretty interesting… We got read by a shaman!

I wasn’t really sure about the shaman experience, but this lady was pretty spot on. She gave each of us a WORD after reading our aura. My word was POWER. She told me I needed to stop relying on what others think I should do and listen to my inner gut. Yep…I’m aware. She also said I overthink and second guess myself too much. Basically, all things that match my Enneagram 6!

That night we went to the Punta Mita Residents Beach Club for dinner. This place was stunning and the food was so exquisite. I even ate octopus and things I’d never try in my life!

SUNDAY: This was my favorite day because we got to hang out at Casa Koko all day! They had pool floats for us, tequila shots, and pizza for our pool party. You may have seen some Insta stories showing how much fun we were having, haha. That night we had a white party which was the staff’s idea!

Speaking of the staff… They were the nicest people and so attentive to our every need! Seriously, I never had an empty drink in my hand. And their spicy margaritas were some of the best I’ve ever had to drink!! Luigi drove us around in the golf carts, and made sure we were always taken care of. If there was something you needed he was ON IT.

I could go on-and-on about why Casa Koko is the freaking ah-mazing but I think you get the idea 🙂 It’s an experience of a lifetime and they will make sure it’s your BEST!


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  1. Hi! Thanks for all this info! Planning my bachelorette now! Can you provide me with the info for the shaman? Would love to incorporate this into my weekend! Thanks!

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