I’ve talked about my issues with melasma a lot over the last several years… That’s because it’s an ongoing struggle and constant battle to fight melasma. WHAT IS MELASMA? It’s hyperpigmentation of the skin which is larger and much darker brown patches on the face. You can get melasma from several different things like sun, heat, hormones, etc. I’m pretty sure mine came from sun damage 🙁 A few years ago, I started noticing this dark brown patch on my forehead which was about the size of dime. Nothing was working to fix it so I had to take more action… That’s why I started seeing Dr. Danford who is an actual dermatologist instead of going to a med spa.


If you remember, I originally started treatment back in 2018 with a couple of different laser treatments. Unfortunately, I learned that my melasma was stimulated by heat so the laser was making it worse. Yippee. That’s when I switched to microneedling treatments and went to see my dermatologist instead of a med spa.

My dermatologist told me about tranexamic acid. It’s an oral medication that actually helps prevent blood clots. However, doctors have now noticed it also helps with melasma! I couldn’t justify spending so much money on topical treatments anymore so I decided to try the oral medication. BUT… There is one pretty big caveat… You CANNOT take tranexamic acid while you are taking birth control.

Kinda sucks, but I decided it was worth it to stop taking birth control for a few months to see if it would work. YES IT DID! Originally, my dermatologist wanted me to be on the medication for 3 months but after a month and a half my skin looked so much better!! I was also using topical serums with tranexamic acid to help too.

before and after of a woman's face after her Melasma Treatment


For a while, my melasma was really starting to look SO much better! I wasn’t taking the oral tranexamic acid anymore, but just using my topical serums. Since most of us were stuck at home during 2020 I was at the pool and in the sun quite a bit last summer. That’s when I started noticing my melasma flaring up again. I decided it was time to get aggressive with the melasma again.

That’s when I met Dr. Danford at Dallas Associated Dermatologists who just so happens to be one of my followers sweet husband! She had been following my melasma journey for a while and reached out at the PERFECT time. We discussed all of my previous treatments and he simplified my entire melasma regimen. I was using about 2-3 different serums/products and he was able to combine that into ONE compounded topical product. It’s seriously cut down my skincare routine so much, ha.

He absolutely agreed the tranexamic acid was the way to go for melasma, but I couldn’t go back on the oral medication at the time due to my egg freezing. So, he decided the best course of action for me would be microneedling with PRP and tranexamic acid. “PRP” is sometimes known as the “vampire facial” or when they use your own blood to infuse back into your skin.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) = separation of your blood to put the “good” platelets back into the body for faster healing

Just 4-weeks after my first treatment I noticed a HUGE difference! Dr. Danford recommended I do at least 3 treatments back-to-back for the best results. I just finished my last treatment in mid-April and I’m so so so happy. It’s by far the BEST treatment I’ve done to combat melasma!!

Unfortunately, as we move into summer I know my melasma can flare up again. It’s something that NEVER fully goes away…FYI. Good news, I can go back on the oral tranexamic acid for the summer since I had my ovarian cyst removed and don’t need to be on birth control!

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  1. I’m curious what dose you took of the T-acid orally. I’m considering asking my Dr about this as I be done everything for my melasma.

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