Daily Makeup Routine - Makeup for Oily Skin by One Small BlondeIt’s been 3 years since I posted about my daily makeup products… But, that should tell you how much I like a lot of these products! I’m not a huge makeup person… I’m better at the hair thing! However, lately I’ve gotten tons of comments on how good my makeup has looked. Maybe it’s the eyeshadow I’m wearing everyday now? Or all the things I’ve been doing to make my skin look amazing? Or could be that I’m just actually wearing some makeup haha. I dunno, but I will take the compliments!

I have super oily skin so I’m not a fan of wearing a lot of heavy makeup all day long. Over the years, I’ve finally narrowed down my favorite products for oily and acne-prone skin so let’s get started with my daily makeup routine.



Charlotte Tilbury Eye Color Corrector
Tarte Shape Tape (under eye)
Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Sticks
Setting Powder
Laura Mercier Powder
Lancome Dual Finish Highlighter (Bronze)
Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Wand
(use as blush)
Urban Decay Eye Pencil or Bobbi Brown Eye Liner
Charlotte Tilbury Mascara
Urban Decay Setting Spray
Kevyn Aucoin Lip Liner
ColorScience Clear Lip Gloss

Daily Makeup Routine - Makeup for Oily Skin by Brooke Burnett


Charlotte Tilbury Eye Color Corrector
Tarte Shape Tape (under eye)
Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation
Laura Mercier Powder + Setting Powder
Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter
Laura Mercier Bronzer
Charlotte Tilbury Blush
Bobbi Brown Eye Liner (lower lashes)
Laura Mercier Eye Liner (upper lashes)
Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Sticks
Intense Moonlight or Copper
Anastasia Brow Pencil

Daily Makeup Routine - Makeup for Oily Skin by One Small Blonde

I always start with a good SPF moisturizer because I’m finally taking better care of my skin. Speaking of SPF… If you want a good one with SPF try the It Cosmetics CC cream because it’s SPF 50! Last, I never knew how beneficial under eye highlighter was until I went to NYFW years ago. I’ve tried several other ones, but I just started using Tarte Shape Tape which apparently anyone who knows makeup uses this stuff.

Daily Makeup Routine by One Small Blonde

Makeup for Oily Skin by One Small Blonde
Makeup for Oily Skin | One Small Blonde

Let’s talk face…

I’ve struggled with cystic acne for several years so I always want to use products that won’t break me out. Most days if I’m in a rush I’m usually only wearing eyeliner, mascara and powder. So I definitely needed a good everyday powder. Laura Mercier’s Smooth Finish Foundation Powder has been my “go-to” because after doing some research it’s one of the only powders for acne prone skin.

Over the last year, I finally learned how to do the highlighter thing. I love the Charlotte Tilbury highlighter wand because it’s so easy to apply. Also, if you’ve never used a setting powder before I highly recommend it. Especially for people like me who have oily skin.

Lastly, I want to talk about my absolute favorite makeup product… The Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Sticks! These things are made for the dummies like me who just don’t get the eyeshadow thing! They are seriously foolproof. You just rub them on and blend with a brush. So easy.

Like I said… I’m a hair girl not makeup so it better be quick!

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