Bon jour! I just got back from a whirlwind weekend in Paris, and so excited to share all the details with you all. It was quite different than my last visit to Paris, but Paris is always a good idea, right?! Over the last few months, I’ve been working with Strong Travel to expand my traveling experiences. This trip to Paris was an eye opener to the travel industry, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Now when I signed up to go on this trip, I didn’t realize I’d have to pack in a carry on… Kinda freaked out, but accepted the challenge. Not going to lie, I think I’ll be packing a carry on for a lot more of my weekend getaways. Maybe… 🙂 I’m sharing a few of my packing tips below along with all my outfits I wore in Paris for the weekend. AND…lucky for you there is a HUGE $500 Target gift card giveaway below that would be well spent on travel preparation!




Finding a GOOD carry on bag! I recently purchased this black marble suitcase because it’s so cute (duh), but also because it has a hard case. I suggest a hard case because no matter how much stuff you pack the size will always fit in the overhead storage compartments on the plane. Honestly, I ended up with extra space left over!



Roll, roll, roll… I thought the “rolling” trick was a joke until my first trip to Europe. I’m not exactly sure why rolling over folding makes such a difference, BUT it totally does. Like I said, I thought I wasn’t going to have enough room for everything I wanted to bring but when I finished with the clothes I had plenty of room. I even managed to bring a mini hair dryer and mini steamer!




Stick with the basics. You can never go wrong with black or white wherever you’re traveling. Two pairs of shoes are honestly all you need: heels and flats. I got these black suede mules for the trip and they were so comfortable. We walked 20,000 steps on Sunday and I walked half the day in them without blisters!

So what else did I pack for this trip… My suggestions:


I was so thankful my good friend Ashley (Impossibly Imperfect) was on the trip with me! You always need a photographer companion, and how cute is this picture we took at the Shangri La Hotel?! We had so much fun wandering around the streets of Paris, and indulging in all the delicious food.

Obviously the Eiffel Tower is the best thing to see in Paris, but the hotel is an easy ride to a lot of other great spots:

The Peninsula Hotel – This is where we stayed for the weekend which is right down the street from the Arc di Triomph. It’s a fantastic location close to the Eiffel Tower, and clearly you can see above the views are incredible!!

Le Royal Monceau – my absolute favorite bc the style is so modern mixed with classic Parisian. P.S. how cute are these bikes out front?!

Ritz Paris – After a huge renovation they just reopened! This is the ultimate Paris hotel… This is where Chanel lived for several years, and it’s right down the street from the original Chanel store. Not to mention…it’s the only hotel in the world that has a Chanel spa!!

Also, you must go to The Hemmingway bar for a drink. Apparently, if you are single this is the place to meet your husband. So mad I didn’t go back for a drink Saturday night!

Four Seasons Paris – I was excited to see this hotel because my parents stayed here, and had such amazing things to say. When you first walk into the hotel there is a beautiful display of flowers which they change out each month. The rooms are very classic Paris style, and have some beautiful views. This was our last hotel visit so we had dinner at Le George which might be one of the best meals I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t know what Michelin Star restaurants were until a few years ago, and now it’s on my bucket list to visit as many as possible.

These are all 5-star hotels which I highly recommend, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking for a boutique hotel too! I can help plan anyone’s visit to Paris so just ask!

– The Blonde

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  1. I’m leaving for Paris in 7 days! Did you bring a dual voltage curling iron for the trip? I’m hoping to still have my curls even while being a tourist – yours look great!

    1. Hi! Nope I brought my regular curling iron, and just brought a charging converter that I used for all my devices. Try Oribe Dry Texturizing spray if you haven’t 🙂

      1. i have been searching EVERYWHERE for a converter! reviews on trip advisor made me worried they weren’t worth getting. do you know which one you have? Thank you! Oribe is everything I’ve heard, going to try it now for sure

  2. This is great. But i would have liked to see how you packed you’re toiletries. The toiletries are my biggest struggle.Thanks.

  3. Do you have any recommendations for affordable/inexpensive shopping in Paris? I’m going in September and looking for some good shops to visit without breaking the bank! 🙂

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