how to get better sleep

Did you wake up feeling groggy because you didn’t get a good nights sleep? That’s me most nights! I toss and turn soooo much… That’s why I decided to take some steps to get better sleep! I feel like I get a good nights rest maybe 1-3 times per month. Not okay…

I started doing some research about how to get better sleep and found a few really great products! Have you heard of a gravity blanket?? Yeah me neither. It’s a weighted blanket that is supposed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep without tossing and turning as much. Does anyone remember playing that game as a kid where you lay down and someone presses really hard on all of your limbs? Then you feel like you have rocks on top of you and you can’t move, but it’s super relaxing… That’s what the gravity blanket feels like to me!


gravity blanket

gravity blanket

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about most of these things I’m talking about. However, now that I’ve actually taken action incorporating these things into my nightly routine I am sleeping much better! Here’s what I’ve been doing to get better sleep (still working on the first 2…) :

Do NOT look at your phone before bed

Try not to drink wine

Use a gravity blanket

Take magnesium

Try sleepytime tea

Use a diffuser

Rub on lavender lotion


Muscle gel

Take magnesium

Try sleepytime tea

I’ve been implementing this nighttime routine for about 4 months now! I can’t say I do all of these things every single night, but when I do I totally sleep like a baby 🙂

I have to take a muscle relaxer some nights because of my migraines, but since taking magnesium I don’t have to take it as often. My trainer put me on magnesium for my “Body Reset” program because everyone is deficient in magnesium.

I’ve used other lavender nighttime lotions, but I found this one after getting a massage last year. It’s so much better, and amazing for anyone who has sore muscles. I’ve been rubbing it all over my body after getting back into my workout routine.

The diffuser just makes the room smell so good and you can use it all the time! I’ll use it when I’m stressed too and it really does make my body relax a bit.

What tips do you all have for getting better sleep?!

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