Everyone is on that “new year, new you” kick, right? I’m definitely all about it this year! I started working with Enlighten MD last fall because I desperately needed to get laser hair removal. I had done laser hair removal before at another med spa, but it actually made my hair growth increase. Another story for another day…

My initial consultation was with Kari, the owner, and it was nothing what I was expecting! I just thought I needed to go in because it was a requirement before treatment. No no no… She wanted to do a full consultation on my face too. She looked at all my sun damage, melasma, wrinkles, etc. When she took up close photos of my face I got a little scared because I could really see all the damage I’ve done to my skin over the years. That’s when I knew I wasn’t just getting laser hair removal.

Kari highly recommended I get a combination Fraxel + photo facial treatment to eliminate all of my sun damage and melsma. I can’t believe I hadn’t done the treatments sooner! I feel like I have an entirely new face with fresh beautiful skin! You’ve gotta scroll down to see the before and after photos!


{Abby and Kari}

If you are wondering why I got a combo Fraxel and photo facial treatment it’s because my forehead had such bad melasma (brown spots) that the photo facial laser wouldn’t get. The Fraxel laser treatment goes much deeper into the skin getting under all those layers to help texture, wrinkles, discoloration, age spots, and other skin damage. Overall, the Fraxel laser really helps to improve the way your skin looks and feels by stimulating the regeneration of collagen beneath the skin.

The photo facial uses light to improve sun damage, pigmentation, red/brown spots, and broken blood vessels. I don’t have rosacea, but my cheeks do pull a lot of redness most likely from sun damage. Ugh don’t we all wish we would have listened to our mothers when we were little and worn more sunscreen?!

Now let me just tell you what to expect during the day of the treatment… I’ll be blunt. It freaking hurts. Actually, I didn’t think the Fraxel hurt at all but maybe because it was after the photo facial treatment. Everyone said it’s supposed to hurt worse, but I thought it was a breeze.

The photo facial was super uncomfortable and painful. However, Abby at Enlighten MD made it tolerable with these frozen ice balls that I got to rub all over my face haha. They also use numbing cream beforehand so it’s not as bad. After she finished using the laser, she also gave me a cooling mask and fan that blew cold air on my face. Thank goodness… Be prepared to have about a week recovery where you don’t want to go in public ha.

I’m not trying to turn you away at all because it was SO worth it! Seriously, my skin has never looked so good in my life. Even though the full results take about a month to develop, I saw a major difference after about a week. My forehead is so clear now, and I don’t hate looking in the mirror anymore!

If you are in the Dallas area then you have to try Enlighten MD! And guess what… Because you are a follower you can get 15% off any one treatment by using code: ONESMALLBLONDE

P.S. After your treatment you’ve gotta stop in their boutique. They have the cutest clothing!!


{fraxel before}

{fraxel after}

{photo facial before}

{photo facial after}

photos: The Retro Penguin

*Thanks Enlighten MD for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Just wondering – did you get a series of treatments or just go in the one time? I read that lasers typically take a few sessions to get the results you want.

  2. I just saw this after asking you about the laser. your results are awesome but now I’m wondering if my derm was knowledgeable on which laser to use!

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