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Morning y’all! How many of you are one of those “no coffee, no talkie” people? Me! Seriously I have to have coffee right when I wake up or I’m just not a pleasant person. So now that my coffee kicked in this morning, I’m ready to conquer another day at TravelCon this week. But what is TravelCon?

Well, it’s a travel conference specifically for media and influencers. I thought it would be a good idea to check it out since travel has become a stronger vertical on my blog. I’m proud that I’ve accomplished so much in the last few years with the blog, but now I really want to be able to give you all the best travel content I can produce. What specifics do you want to know each trip? How can I collect all of this information while traveling and not stress myself out so I can enjoy the trip? And more!


Lately, I won’t lie I’ve felt like I’ve been in this “dog paddling” phase with work. I have a TON of projects going on outside the blog like the Blogger Workshop and my workout clothing line. However, that’s not everything I’m trying to accomplish this year. I have a few other HUGE projects that I’ve been thinking about for years, and the more people I’ve discussed the ideas with the more they are encouraging me to pursue those dreams. But I just feel like I’ve only been able to keep my head above water right now with blog work alone.

So… It’s made me think a lot about how to overcome feeling stuck in your job? I’ve always been a dreamer and had major ambition towards achieving those goals. However, I am really good at thinking about those ideas and get stuck actually doing the things necessary to achieve them. This week traveling to NYC and here in Boston at this conference, I feel like I’m getting my drive back. It’s also because I’ve been getting dressed every morning to look like the boss babe I know I am. Does that happen to you all? If you put effort into looking your best, you’re then more likely to put more effort into that day? 

Suit dress - How to  overcome feeling stuck in your career - One Small Blonde

brooke burnett in a suit dress

brooke burnett in a suit dress - how to overcome feeling stuck in your career - one small blonde

When I put this suit dress on from Express earlier this week for a meeting, I immediately felt more confident. By looking like a “boss babe” in this outfit I think I carried myself like a more confident woman, and when talking about these ideas I felt more confident about turning them into a reality. My ambition was back! 



List out EVERYTHING you are doing for your job. Then rank those things in order or of how much stress they are causing you. Make another list and rank them again in order of how passionate you are about these things.

When I finally wrote down all the things I have to do on a weekly and daily basis it was very eye opening. This was extremely helpful to see where I needed to prioritize and where I needed help.


I’ve never had one person who has been my mentor. However, as an entrepreneur I have been lucky to meet people throughout my career who I can turn to when I feel confused and stuck. Earlier this week, I was in NYC where I finally met Lynette Lewis. Lynette came into my life last summer when I heard her speak at church. Originally, I connected with her because of her journey to marriage and being single through her 30s. We’ve only talked on Instagram, but felt like we’d known each other for years when we met up in NYC.

Her full-time job is helping women find their purpose and write their purpose statement. Every woman should buy her book! We started talking about my purpose statement at lunch which lead into conversation about these two HUGE projects I want to pursue. I haven’t been sure which one to pursue first or which one is the best business venture. I’d talked to a few other people close to me about these ideas to get their opinions, but Lynette made me think about things differently. She helped me realize which one could lead me to pursing my purpose long term.


There is only so much time in a day. I realized, staring at the list of work projects and priorities I currently have going on wasn’t working. I’ve barely been able to get the day-to-day tasks done. If they were getting done, it wasn’t to the best of my ability and I’m NOT okay with that…

After listening to multiple people speak at TravelCon, the main takeaway I got was that I need to take some time to re-strategize and organize my business priorities and goals. That means I’m going to have to say NO to some things that come my way even if the financial reward is very appealing!

brooke burnett in NYC

brooke burnett in a suit dress - one small blonde

brooke burnett in a suit dress

brooke burnett in a suit dress

So, no more “dog paddling” for me. I am going to take the steps I know I need to take and turn these projects into something real. It’s going to take some time and patience, but with my ambition taking the lead I know I can do it. I may have to wear this belted suit dress every day for the next few months so I can keep feeling like I can do it, but if that’s the case so be it. 

Express was one of the first stores I shopped at when I got my first job, so it brings back fond memories anytime I shop there. Also, I think their brand totally fits my “simple, sophisticated, and chic” motto! 

What’s holding you back lately from being the ambitious woman you know you are?!


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