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If you’ve followed me for a while you probably know I have always had a “love/hate” relationship with my skin. Over the last few years, I have struggled big time with melasma. When I found out I had melasma, that’s when I decided to start getting real about my skincare routine. I really hadn’t ever cared what products I was using, but let me tell you that has changed!!

Before I share any beauty products I always try them for at least a month. I have pretty sensitive skin so I tend to break out easily so that’s another reason I don’t change up my skincare products much. Also, I have to use a couple of prescription products so I can’t always try new products. My skincare routine is fairly long now so I don’t like adding too much more! However, I have been using Colleen Rothschild for a while now so I want to talk about my favorite products.


One thing I have been consistent with over the last year is using a makeup remover before washing my face. I’ve tried a few, but really like the Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm. I never realized how much crap was left on your face if you just wash it like normal. Here’s a tip… Get a white face towel to use for washing your face. If you see anything on that towel after you wash your face then it’s NOT clean. You’ll be surprise at what you see… Ewwww. No wonder I was breaking out all the time. My face was never fully clean!


woman pouring COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD BEAUTY toner on a cotton

woman applying a toner on a cotton on her face

COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD BEAUTY products in a clear pouch and a hand reaching for the restorative mask

woman showing the COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD BEAUTY face primer on her hand

COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD BEAUTY products picture with flowers

COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD BEAUTY products on top of a white tray with flowers and a black pouch

Another favorite Colleen Rothschild product is their Matcha Tea Treatment Toner. I never really understood what a toner does, but now I know the importance of using one. I love this one because it just feels like my face is getting super clean. It actually helps fight bacteria so you don’t get future breakouts.

The last product I have to rave about is the Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Restorative Mask for your hair. Now hair is my thing… I have tried several products especially recently since I’ve been dealing with a lot of breakage from surgeries over the last few months. This mask is by far one of my absolute favorites!! I really need to been more regimented with using it overnight once a week. However, you can use it daily as a deep conditioner too!

They even have a travel hair care set if you want to try it out first and see what you think. Now is the perfect time to buy because it’s the Colleen Rothschild Best Sellers SALE where you can get 25% off!! So, if you’ve been thinking about trying some new products or stepping up your beauty routine now is the time to try!

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  1. The Matcha Tea Treatment toner sounds great. Matcha tea is so good for you so this toner must be awesome for the skin. Thanks for sharing the 25% off sale!

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