Yep, we moved! Don’t worry I’m still in Dallas… I’m actually not too far from my old place. Last summer, I decided to sell my town house because I needed a change. I’d been in the town house for 4 years which is about how long I wanted to be there when I bought it. I definitely wanted a change, but more importantly I wanted to get out of debt. I had been pretty stressed with finances over the last year, and then when COVID hit it was even more stress.

At first, I had no intention of buying another house for at least a year. I actually had found a place to live for the next year when I sold my place in November. I still wanted to look for houses, but wasn’t really expecting to find anything. Especially in the price range and area I wanted to be in… Well, this house ended up coming back on the market and was in the price range I wanted! I had looked at this house back in October, but wasn’t really interested. When it came back on the market I decided to at least go look at it.

Surprise… I bought the house! It was really everything I was looking for and since I found out I’m getting a puppy it has the perfect backyard! Done and done! Well kind of… Small problem… I wasn’t going to have a place to live for a month in between selling my town house and closing on this house. Sh*t.

Luckily, CallBox Storage came in clutch!

They moved me out of my town house, stored everything in my entire house for a month, and moved me into my new house! Let me just say…they are ah-mazing!



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There are a few reasons I chose to use CallBox Storage, but the biggest reason was obviously storing all of my stuff in a secure climate controlled space. Plus, they put a barcode tag on EVERYTHING so they know if any of your inventory get lost/damaged/etc. The nice thing about the barcode too is that it imports all of your items into their website so you can request to get an item from storage anytime!

It’s such a great concept because I’m sure many of you like me don’t have a ton of storage in your house. The house I bought is smaller so if I need to store things like holiday decor CallBox Storage will come pick it up and deliver items for FREE!


If you are moving or just need storage space I really can’t recommend CallBox Storage enough! They were so on top of everything, extremely nice/helpful, and went above and beyond.


Click here to register or call their team and mention my offer below!

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