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Okay we all know being single isn’t that fun… Especially around Valentine’s Day! However, now that there is Galentine’s Day it’s the perfect time to cherish your friendships and your singleness! Lynlee and I are all about embracing your singleness and navigating through the dating phase of life together. We are NOT experts on dating at ALL (haha), but since we have a fun backstory (keep reading) on how we became friends that’s part of the reason why we’ve started a little “dating/single” video thing this past year.

We’ve been extremely close friends for almost 4 years now, and I love that she is always up for being my travel companion. We are quite the opposites though…blonde v. brunette (clearly), but if you follow us on Instagram you’ve seen how different our styles are too. Our advice on dating differs some too which is why we have loved doing IGTV dating videos for y’all 🙂 Maybe one day we will have a dating podcast!

So what’s our story and how did we become friends…?

Two Single Girls Turned Best Friends by Dating the Same GuyTwo Single Girls Turned Best Friends by Dating the Same Guy

Lynlee and I don’t just have blogging in common… We actually dated the same guy which is how I found out about her! I promise there was no catfight, haha! This is the guy that I dated for 4 years, and we went through pre-marital class. The first thing that came out of my mouth when my photographer that my ex-boyfriend was dating Lynlee was a HUGE LAUGH! Why? Because when I dated the guy he thought being a blogger was a total joke yet his first girlfriend after me was a brunette blogger! It still makes me giggle to this day.

Ironically, my blog is semi named after him because his nickname for me was “small blonde one”.

When I finally met Lynlee, I knew it would be weird for us to be close friends. However, mutual friends from when I dated the guy kept telling me I would get along so well with Lynlee and thought we would be good friends. Low and behold, they were right!

Clearly, we would see each other a lot at blogger events and we were both always respectfully nice to each other. The more we got to know each other, the more I liked hanging out with her. Yes, I desperately wanted to chat with her about him because I knew he hadn’t changed at the time.

But… She learned on her own.

If you’re wondering if we ever finally had that chat about what it was like dating him…we did. We got super drunk and finally everything just spewed out between both of us. It was like we had to have that conversation to move our friendship past him. We both ended up crying and hugging at the end of it (lol, yes we were those crazy girls everyone stares at at the bar).

Best Friends

Two Single Girls Turned Best Friends by Dating the Same Guy

Best Friends




Regardless of him, I think we would still be best friends to this day but our friendship is just a little bit stronger. Whenever we are both on dating apps we check in with each other to make sure we NEVER date the same guy again! And, yes there have been a few guys we’ve both talked to on the apps. Don’t worry we quickly veto them if either of us has dated the same guy, haha.

I’m sure many of us have a smaller group of single friends in our lives since we are getting older. Embrace those friendships and enjoy the moments because we know it’s tough being a single girl in your 30s. If you’re having a lull in your dating life then step up and plan a date with your best single girls this Galentine’s Day. But… Here is a challenge… Don’t talk about guys at ALL. Try talking about what you love about yourself to each other instead! Single girls gotta lift each other up!

I’m so thankful to have another single girl like Lynlee in my life. Cheers to being the best wing women, travel companion, anytime wine drinker, and amazing friend.

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  1. Love this post! Being a single gal myself, it’s refreshing to read blogs that discuss the positive of being single. I also find it hilarious and almost fateful that your close blogging friend also dated the same guy. I personally think spending time with friends is more fun than all the other emotional stuff.


  2. I think friends are good to chat and have fun but if you have a person who you really love is much important. Friends are for some time, to relax, to maybe discuss some problems, but never the same as a beloved person.

  3. This is so sweet and I can totally relate. I was single for about 6 or seven years after a bad break up and my now husband. I love being married but being single is so much fun too. A single girl can party all night on New Years Eve, and go to as many holidays parties as she wants. Plus no one to see my holiday cookie belly. Ha! I agree with about friends, now that I’m married my relationships have changed but the important ones have stayed, it’s a fun growing feeling. Enjoy being single because some lucky guy is going to come and snag you up real soon and you’ll be thinking of this girl time.

  4. Loved reading this post! It’s so full of good vibes. People who stereotype woman need to read this. When girls are best friends, nothing comes in between them.

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