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The answer is still NO… 😉 No, Ben and I are not dating but we are talking all things dating apps today for our “FIIT” series! I’ve been off and on dating apps for a few years now, and I’ll say it’s a “love-hate relationship”. I feel like it’s a necessary evil now. Meeting someone the old fashion way just seems impossible these days. And, when you do meet someone outside of a dating app they turn out to be a cheater (oops did I say that out loud… y’all can read more on that here lol). You’d think a bad guy is more likely to be on a dating app… Anyway, dating apps aren’t a bad thing they just feel exhausting sometimes. However, my brother and his wife met on which is proof it can work!


So, if you’ve never been on a dating app then I want to share some “do’s and don’ts” that I’ve learned or have irritated me over the last few years. I got Ben’s advice and feedback on the apps too and we both agree for the most part on these lists. For the most part, everything on these lists are recommendations so you aren’t wasting your time. Because who has time to do that? Especially when you’re dating over 30…am I right?

Also, we are giving some suggestions of first date outfit ideas for the guys with Nordstrom! Not sure how many guys read this blog (haha), but I know there are plenty of you women who can relay on the message to your guy friends. Or, if you’re married help your hubby and have him help his single friends (both for fashion advice and dating app advice haha)!

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What To Wear

When you do end up meeting someone for a date lets talk about what to wear! Ladies, I think most of you can handle that on your own but my typical “date” outfit is always jeans + cute top + heels. It’s trying, but not too hard. Guys, if you’re coming from work then I think you’ll be fine. Well, that depends on your job I get it… My advice is pretty similar to the ladies. I always think a guy looks good in a nice pair of pants or jeans and a classic button down shirt. It shows me you put in some effort and care to impress me. After all, looks aren’t everything but they do get your attention first…

Guys, if you haven’t updated your wardrobe in a while maybe that’s what’s holding you back from getting a date. Just kidding 😉 Kind of… My dad loves shopping at Nordstrom because the sales associates are always so nice and helpful. Ben loves shopping there too because they carry items for tall boys like him. These pants are left un-hemmed so they can be altered which Nordstrom does super quick!

Clearly I’m not an expert on dating because #single over here… But, hopefully these will help you if you’re hesitant on the dating app thing. Bottom line for me, I want to find my husband so if this is what it takes then so be it. Even if I don’t meet the guy I’m supposed to marry on a dating app what if he might introduce me to a friend who turns out to be my husband?? Think about it.

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*Thanks Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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