Things To Do In Maui Hawaii by One Small Blonde

Hawaii you are a DREAM. I’ve been to Hawaii once before, but I was younger so I really don’t remember much at all… I do remember I went surfing which was SO much fun! I wanted to go again on this trip, but we had a ton of other adventures to cram into 5 days. Although I’m so happy with everything we did on our trip to Maui!

I decided to go out to LA before heading to Hawaii so I could see some dear friends. So happy I broke up the flight like that because it made my jet lag a little easier. However, we booked the Haleakala sunrise experience the next day so we woke up at 1AM… I was up for a full 20 hours that next day! It was 100% worth it though to see the sun peaking up over the clouds. Also, we were back to Andaz Maui by noon which gave us the rest of the day to relax and nap by the pool. I really really recommend doing it on your first day since you’re already ahead from the time difference.

What else did we do? The Road to Hana!! This was the #1 thing on my list for Maui. It was another full day adventure, but we loved every single minute of the scenic drive. I’ll have a full post on everything you should do next week!

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After talking with several people, I’m so happy we stayed at Andaz Maui. Their resort is incredible, and from what I’ve heard has the best pool setup over any other hotel. I definitely agree. On the days we didn’t go out on an adventure, we spent the mornings down at the beach then once the wind picked up moved up to the pool area. Which is also where the drinks were so…yeah.

I don’t like really fruity or tropical drinks because they are usually too sweet. Umm…the Mai Tai at Andaz Maui might be my new beach drink. Actually all of their drinks were so tasty! And the food…so on point! I had the best poke bowl and spicy tuna roll I’ve ever had in my life at the resort. Seriously I made my friend go back to Morimoto the day after we had dinner there so I could get the spicy tuna roll again.

I’ve stayed at a few other Andaz properties in Costa Rica and Mayakoba so when I saw they had a property in Maui it was my first choice. Their staff and service is at the top of the list for best resorts hands down.

Also, they have the best luau experience on the island! We met tons of people from other resorts who came over for the luau and I can see why it’s the best. The fire dancer at Andaz Maui’s luau has been a world champion for 3 years! He did not disappoint. That night was for sure my favorite on the trip. Plus, the sunset is just absolutely gorgeous.

Things To Do In Maui Hawaii by One Small Blonde

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Andaz Hotel -  Hawaiian foodThings To Do In Maui Hawaii - Andaz HotelAndaz Hotel

Things To Do In Maui Hawaii

Haleakala Sunrise

Road to Hana

Surfing lessons

Andaz Maui luau

Scuba dive or snorkel off Molokini island




Friends in MAUI PLACES TO EAT IN MAUI Where To Eat


Mama’s Fish House

Sorrento’s on the Beach

Monkey Pod


Koiso Sushi

Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop


Sunset in Maui

hawaii dress style

beach outfit

Honestly, it’s Hawaii so what’s not to love? Am I right? Everything is beautiful which is why it’s such a popular destination. Plus, there are so many islands to explore! I love Maui and want to stay in Kapalua next time. However, the next trip I make back to Hawaii is going to be for a few weeks so I can knock out everything on my list! The only thing I didn’t get to experience this trip was a waterfall… But, I did hike through the Costa Rica rainforest last summer to see a waterfall so I think I’ll be okay until next time!


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