ORIGINS LODGEPura Vida! You guys…what I would give to be back in Costa Rica. This trip is now at the top of my “best vacations ever” list. I’m serious it was incredible. Just watch the video below! It honestly couldn’t have come at the more perfect time either. You know when you really need a vacation to completely unplug and recharge? I needed to do that more than I ever knew I needed it.

I don’t really get to relax that much on vacation anymore because they are now “work trips”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about going on amazing vacations in exchange for taking photos. I mean no one should ever complain about having that life, and I’m beyond grateful. However, in this industry it’s so easy to get caught up with frantically trying to make sure you have a post go up at THIS specific time, and THIS specific day, and get THIS specific shot. It really started to eat away at me and I was SO over the blog. It wasn’t FUN anymore.

That’s why I went to Costa Rica. To escape… Mentally recharge… Enjoy a vacation… And not worry about posting for a few days. I took a full 48-hour break from worrying about what in the hell I was going to post on Instagram. It was absolutely glorious, and Origins Lodge was the absolute perfect place to do it with one of my besties, Rhonda! Origins Lodge was the absolute perfect place to do it with one of my besties, Rhonda!

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Origins Lodge

Where do I even begin about this beautiful property just 2-hours inland from Liberia. Well…let’s start there. It’s literally in the middle of the rainforest. I’m not joking. Don’t expect to go off of the property, but that’s the nice thing about Origins Lodge…you don’t need to go anywhere else! They have everything you need at the property. Incredible food, activities, spa, and I mean just look at the view.

My absolute FAVORITE thing we did was hike through the rainforest to this waterfall!! The Origins staff was a little concerned about taking two ladies through the rainforest because they hadn’t finished the pathway to the waterfall yet. So when I say hike…I legit mean HIKE. Over rocks, down mud, through the stream, and up the side of a hill. SO WORTH EVERY MINUTE TO SEE THIS WATERFALL!!!


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When we checked-in to Origins Lodge I knew I was going to be in my element. See picture below, haha 🙂 The first night was not so much my element. Like I mentioned, you are in the middle of a rainforest so don’t expect AC in the rooms. Also, you are sleeping with nature. It’s the most peaceful sound ever to sleep to, but I had a reality check the first night. I had put down the net around my bed to keep the bugs out and then climbed into bed. I was looking at my phone when all the sudden a bug fell on me! Just imagine me jumping out of bed screaming and throwing all the sheets off the bed. Yeah… I’m pretty sure that was God saying, “Hey, you wanted a break so put the phone down!”. Noted.

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I can’t say I was that relaxed waking up the next morning, but then I stepped outside to the most beautiful view ever. I made myself a pot of coffee and just sat on the balcony taking in every moment. Honestly, I haven’t felt that relaxed and at peace in a while. By the way, their coffee is the absolute best coffee I’ve ever had in my life. Brought home 3 packages and bought a French press ASAP!

Origins Lodge restaurant

Origins Lodge restaurant

Origins Lodge restaurant

Origins Lodge drinks


Where to Eat

If you are wondering where do you eat while you’re there, I thought the same thing. Like, didn’t see any restaurants or villages anywhere close to us on our drive to the property. I should have done my research before… The property has an on-site Michelin star trained French chef, and his wife is the pastry chef. Do I need to say more?!

I’m talking 5-course meals with bread at every meal. Yes! Definitely wasn’t on the “body reset” during this trip, lol. I ate everything my heart desired and tried lots of new delicious things. The breakfast spread was probably my favorite meal! Although, their wine selection was incredible and the desert we had for Rhonda’s birthday was the most decadent thing ever. **Fun Fact: We taught them how to make Frosé!!! So if you do visit Origins Lodge ask them for the special blogger drink!

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I mentioned one of the activities we did on our trip, but that’s not all Origins Lodge has to offer. They have on-site horseback riding, yoga, spa services, and can arrange other adventures for you. We learned about so many insects, animals, fruits, flowers…all the things! I’d actually love to take my kids there one day because it was such a fun way to learn. Even though we were there during “rainy season”, it only rained in the morning or afternoon so there was still plenty of time to do and see.


Okay so you’re probably thinking, “yeah she really took a break”. I swear I took 48-hours off…just ask Rhonda. However, we were there on a media trip and when it’s this flipping beautiful how can you not take a million photos? I had made friends with Rejane from The R-List who was so nice to set up this trip. Oh yeah, did I mention we were the very first people to stay at Origins Lodge?!

Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Origins Lodge. I feel like I’m besties with the staff now so I’m going to have to go back soon! I could go on and on and on… But, feel free to comment below with any questions!


5-course meals prepared by a Michelin star trained chef and his wife (who is the best pastry chef ever!)
Horseback riding on-site
Hiking with the botanist
Cooking classes where we learned how to make ceviche
Gorgeous poolside views
Wine tasting
In-room massages
Wildlife night tour
Your own villa with private hot tub lit by fireplace

Thank you SO SO SO much to Origins Lodge for hosting us!!!! 


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  1. Great post and beautiful photos! I appreciate your honesty and frankness about always working during trips and never relaxing. It’s so easy as a reader to envy bloggers and their constant luxury trips, but your blog really puts it into perspective. I appreciate that!


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