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Okay I’m the first to admit house organization is NOT my thing… When I moved in things just got put wherever there was space. I think my mom would have had a heart attack if she saw my pantry before Simplified Solutions transformed it. When Sarah reached out about her new business I didn’t hesitate to have her come work on organizing my house. I had a LOT that I needed her to help organize, but the pantry was definitely my main priority.


At first, I thought I could probably get the pantry organized myself (how hard can it really be?), but after seeing what Simplified Solutions did my attempt would have been laughable. Sarah came over for an initial consultation to see how “bad” things were at my house where we did an entire walk through. Afterwards, she followed up with a full outline of all her ideas and organization products she recommended. I gave her a budget for organization products and told her to go for it. I didn’t care too much about what type of products she got just as long as it looked good in the end!

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Help in Organizing My Pantry

Since my cabinets are pretty deep I wanted to be able to see things easier and reach in to grab them easier too. I love how Sarah did the second shelf with the plastic containers and labels. Now that they are staggered all the way to the back I can still see everything. Plus, it’s way easier to grab the container instead of a food bag or something. Even the way she arranged the spices so they are tiered was something I wouldn’t have thought of!

Our next projects are going to be working on my closets and the garage! If Sarah can work her magic in those areas I’ll be blown away. I can’t recommend Simplified Solutions enough. Sarah is SO sweet and a recent TCU graduate so I love helping new female entrepreneurs in the area!

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  1. I love the little kitchen Island! Was it custom made for you or did you buy as is? Please share! It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

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