If you all know anything about me you should know I am a bit obsessed with handbags… I always get a new “it” bag for a season. This year my “it” bag obsession is this gorgeous Italian made Armadio white handbag with bamboo handles! I’ve been looking for a new white bag for spring and summer. The moment I spotted this one on their website I was hooked.

Besides the fact that this purse is gorgeous, I also LOVE it because of a few reasons… First, the quality doesn’t get much better. All of the Armadio handbags are directly curated from Italian artisans using the best Italian materials. Second, the price is ah-mazing! They don’t markup the bags to retail price so you are seriously getting an incredible deal on these handbags. When my purse arrived, as soon as I opened the box I could tell just by the smell that this handbag would last a lifetime.

I’m so glad I got this bag right before my trip to the beach! It was perfect for just about every outfit I packed, and spacious enough to carry my DSL camera around. You’ll be seeing much more of this bag in the near future! Which handbag do you love the most from Armadio?

*Thank you Armadio for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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