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Holy cow… Today is my 9 year work anniversary! I cannot believe it’s been that long. Many of you know that not only am I a full-time blogger, but I also own a digital marketing agency. However, over the last couple of years things have changed a bit. Instead of working with majority small businesses things shifted to where I was working with new influencers. My services didn’t change, it was just my clientele!

Muse Creative Consulting

My company name is Muse Media because I’ve always wanted to be an inspiration to others. Specifically, inspiring new bloggers or small businesses to share their story and pursue a dream. Since I started working more with bloggers instead of businesses that’s when I decided to launch the “Blogger Boss Workshop“. I just finished my 5th workshop last weekend!! Truly, I love hearing why these women want to start a blog and helping them create a “big picture” vision.


I haven’t taken on any business clients with MUSE in the last couple of years because I’ve been focused on growing One Small Blonde and the workshop. But, last year I really started to miss working with clients on a larger overall marketing scale… I had a meeting with a local company who desperately needed help revamping their social game. Their IG feed was a mess even though they had some great photos to use, and their messaging had no context.

A few months later, I had another meeting with a local boutique about the same social issues. They had a decent Instagram account, but didn’t know how to make it “flow” (aka look good) or how to increase their engagement. Fast forward another few months, and I went up to NYC to teach a private blogger workshop. Although I taught her how to set up her blog, and the other basic elements we cover in the workshop we actually ended up spending most of the time working on content ideas and developing a content calendar. I always thought coming up with the content was the easy part and executing it was hard… That’s when I started to think differently…

I realized having a creative “eye” doesn’t come natural to everyone.

Over the last year, I’ve worked extremely hard at creating content that is relevant and engaging to my followers. Because let’s be real…anyone can talk about a cute new outfit. Am I right? Also, I take a lot of pride in creating an Instagram feed that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye while conveying my brand voice.

Honestly, combining these two marketing pieces is like a puzzle. And that’s what I realized I love most about my job…

So what does that mean? Well… I’ve officially decided to re-launch MUSE as a “creative consulting agency”!

Brooke Burnett is wearing a preppy white outfit

Brooke Burnett is wearing a preppy white outfit




I’ll be offering a “Digital Strategy 101” service for small businesses who need help creating a better social presence. This is a 1-month hands on service where I will help you with everything from taking photos + writing social content + teaching you how to do it yourself.

In addition, I’ll be offering a 3-tier monthly consulting service for those who don’t need quite as much hand holding. Maybe you’re just stuck trying to put together a good blog post? Or you can’t quite make your Instagram feed flow… I’ll be there as your second set of eyes. Because let’s face it, we all have a million things going on (especially as entrepreneurs) so things can get a little foggy sometimes.

Let me be your MUSE… And help paint the best picture of your story!

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