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Happy Friendsgiving y’all!! This just might be my absolute favorite holiday of the year even though it’s not really a holiday, ha. I started the Friendsgiving tradition almost 10 years ago with my good girlfriends. Crazy how time flies! Now I have about 3 different Friendsgiving parties a year. Not complaining… Since we didn’t get to do a blogger Friendsgiving last year I really really really wanted to host one again this year. But, I wanted it to be bigger and better than ever. So, what’s better than having it outside on a gorgeous fall evening?!

Luckily, my good guy friend let us use his backyard to host the party which is so perfect and I wish I lived in a house like his. When it comes to hosting Friendsgiving I’m not shy in going alllllll out on the food. I volunteered to make everything this year because I started thinking about how much easier it would be to eat if everything was bite-sized, right? And, it’s so much easier to divide up leftovers if everything is an individual bite!

I have a few recipes that are my “go-to” recipes which you can find in my Friendsgiving recipes post. I knew it couldn’t be hard to convert all the recipes to bite-size food with a muffin pan. There were some things like the sweet potato bites that didn’t work with a muffin pan, but how cute and easy are these sweet potato bites?! Honestly, way easier than making a sweet potato casserole!

Find all of these recipes on my Pinterest board!

hosting friendsgiving

Another reason I absolutely LOVE hosting Friendsgiving is because with everyone’s crazy schedules it’s hard to keep up with each other. I get to see a lot of these ladies quite a bit, but it’s usually for a hot minute at an event. That isn’t enough time to really catch up with each other. And so, Friendsgiving is our time to really enjoy and chat outside of the blogger world 🙂


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hosting friendsgiving party

friendsgiving table

hosting friendsgiving

Now obviously the food is the main part of Friendsgiving, but so is the setup and decor if you are hosting Friendsgiving. Luckily, I have some talented friends who know how to decorate which is not really in my wheelhouse. We wanted to keep things simple with a rustic feel since we were doing this outside. We decided to just use some greenery and a table runner for the tablescape. Since it’s Friendsgiving you don’t need place settings for everyone. Use the table to display all the food instead!

If you are in Dallas and want to do something extra special for your Friendsgiving or any party then you should rent the Bubble Tap Trailer! Is this little trailer with wine on tap not the coolest thing ever?!

thanksgiving party with friends


fall fashion

I always eat way too much during Friendsgiving. However, with all these delicious recipes how can you not stuff your face?! So that’s why I have to be super comfortable. That means I usually wear some stretchy pants or a cute sweater dress. Then you can’t see my food baby after we eat, haha!!

So I’d love to know if you all do Friendsgiving too?! And share some of your recipes in the comments below!!

photos: The Retro Penguin

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