dog in a living room with christmas decorations

Growing up we almost always had a real Christmas tree. We would go out to this tree farm a few miles from our house and find the perfect tree. My favorite thing about going out there was the hot apple cider and candy canes… Because when you are a kid that’s obviously the most important thing in your mind. Also, even though I didn’t care much about decorating the tree putting on the tree topper was a different story. My brother and I always fought about it, and looking back I’m not really sure why it was so important to me but it was fun!

Now that I have my own home I always get to put the star on the top of the tree! Last year, I had a real Christmas tree but this year I’m single (need a guy to get the tree upstairs…) so it’s back to a faux Christmas tree for me. I love decorating for the holidays exactly the way I want because hopefully one day I’ll have kiddos of my own that can decorate the house 🙂 Since I spend a lot of time at home during the holidays, (mainly bc I put so much effort into decorating!) I thought I’d share some great gifts for the homebody.

television and holiday gifts for home in the living room


living room mirror with christmas tree reflection


living room with holiday gifts for home


glass coffee table in a living room


china cabinet and television in a livingroom


socks as holiday gifts for home


dog sleeping in the living room

Holiday Gifts For Home

A lot of these gift ideas are also easy ways to add to your personal holiday home decor. This year, I added a new cozy blanket to the mix which the pups have loved. Who doesn’t love snuggling up under a blanket to watch Christmas movies? Decorative pillows are also an easy way to spruce up the living room decor.

GIFT IDEA: a cozy blanket + decorative pillow cover + holiday movie!

Another thing I always add to my holiday living room decor is a new candle. I have SO many, but I burn them all! I mean how easy is it to put a bunch of holiday candles on a decorative tray? Such a cute and simple idea. Plus, you can use the tray when you have guest over to serve hot cocoa.

GIFT IDEA: a holiday candle + decorative tray + hot cocoa gift set!

Every year, my group of friends does a fun holiday gift exchange.This year, I’m hoping we can wear our holiday pajamas because I’ve found some really cute one like this “get cozy” shirt. I already know exactly what I’m bringing to our gift exchange this year… Our group is obsessed with puzzles so if any of you are reading this act surprised when you see my gift!

My aunt has gotten the family into playing games after Christmas dinner, and I really want to bring this “Who’s Most Likely To” game this year. I think it could get interesting… 😉

GIFT IDEA: a Christmas puzzle (frame it after!) + holiday pajamas + cozy slippers!

So what are some of your family holiday traditions? Decorating the tree? Playing games? Watching movies? I’d love to hear how you all celebrate!!

photos: Beckley & Co.

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  1. haha i always joke that i chose my animals to match my decor (it just weirdly worked out that way) and it looks like you did, too. haha.

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