Let’s talk hair! Specifically, I’m talking with my Frédéric Fekkai colorist about balayage. What is balayage you may be asking? I’ll let Ashley explain in the video above, but basically it’s like a custom painting on your hair. I am uber particular about my hair so I need it to be a masterpiece! That’s one of the reasons why I switched from highlights to balayage.

frederic fekkai balayage


frederic fekkai balayage frederic fekkai balayage frederic fekkai balayage frederic fekkai balayage frederic fekkai balayage

I’m sure many of you are like me, and switching hair stylists can be scary to think about… Believe me, walking into my first appointment at Frédéric Fekkai I was petrified something terrible was going to happen to my hair or that I wasn’t going to like it and have to get it re-done. While she was painting these tiny streaks in my hair I remember thinking, “there is no way I’m going to look blonde enough…this isn’t going to do anything.”. Oh how I was so wrong!

My hair had never looked so natural and blonde in my life. It was gorgeous! I guess that’s why Frédéric Fekkai only uses the balayage technique. A few weeks later there was no line where my hair was growing out like you see when you get highlights (foils). It was 4 months before I had to go back for my next appointment. Not saying everyone can go 4 months, but that’s the best thing about balayage…you can’t tell when it grows out because it looks so natural!

Ashley Reeves, Colorist, Frédéric Fekkai Dallas // video: Beckley & Co.

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  1. Oh my gosh this is awesome! I’ve always wondered how belayage is for blondes who lighten. I literally just started doing a heavier foil so I’m not sure how my grow out is going to be. Now I’m wondering if I should try this instead?! Did you feel like you were any less blonde?!
    xo, jess


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