Okay so this post is a little delayed… It’s 2020 though so everything is a little wonky, right? Most of you all know I’m a big wine enthusiast and really really love my red wines. I actually did a post last fall on the best Trader Joe’s red wines under $15! Since I live in Texas and the heat is so gross I typically switch to rosé wine. I really didn’t start drinking rosé until a few years ago because I thought it was made from white wine. I can’t drink white wine because it gives me a horrible headache, but red or rosé wine… Well, let’s just say I can drink a lot, haha.

These are a few rosé wines I’ve been drinking this summer and I honestly thought they were all pretty delicious! My absolute favorite that I prefer to drink is Miraval, but I also really love French Pool Toy or Hampton Water. I actually went to the launch party for Hampton Water in Dallas with Bon Jovi (see photo below!) so feel like I have to be a loyal customer. Okay, let’s get into some of the best rosé wines in my opinion!




Miraval – $20+

I always try to drink foreign wines unless I’m in wine country. They tend not to give me a headache or hangover as much which is always a win. Miraval is a French wine out of Provence. I personally love it the best because it has the perfect balance of sweet and dry. It goes down so smooth because of the light and refreshing taste. It may go down a little too easy!


French Pool Toy – Under $10

I was pleasantly surprised by this bottle! Anything with a twist top usually means it’s not going to be that good… Or that’s what I’ve discovered with most twist top wines. However, French Pool Toy was amazing! This is definitely one of those wines I’d day drink with because it’s cheaper and has the twist top. It’s still a dry rosé and I think I liked it so much because it was a bit drier than the others, but still had a slight sweetness. And… It’s clearly a French wine.

Hampton Water

Hampton Water – $20+

Hampton Water was created by Jon Bon Jovi’s son kind of as a joke. His son had been drinking rosé wine in The Hamptons for a while and their nickname for the pink wine had become “Hampton Water”. They partnered with a French winemaker who was one of the best winemakers in the business. Well, let me just tell you that they knew what they were doing! This wine is absolutely delicious. Hampton Water is the rosé I would 100% serve if I was hosting a dinner party. It’s also the most flavorful if you ask me.

Hampton Water - $20+

Summer Water - $18

Those rosé wines are at the top of my list this summer, but I have a few others that I really enjoy too. Sometimes it really just depends where I can find the rosé which is how I choose which bottle to drink. However, if I’m out at a restaurant then one of the above rosé wines is always my “go-to” choice!

Summer Water – $18

Summer Water rosé has a slightly more citrus taste giving it a bit more tang or bite. I’d totally buy it for an outdoor party or if you are serving fish.

Rough Day – $15

Another great wine, but a little sweeter for my palate. Rough Day rosé might be a wine I’d switch to after dinner or if I just wanted a glass to sip on.

Summer in a Bottle – $25+

I just discovered Summer in a Bottle while I was in Austin the other weekend, and it’s my best friends absolute favorite rosé wine! We are supposed to be going to their winery in late September so I’m really excited!

Whispering Angel – $20+

Whispering Angel was probably one of the first rosé wines I started drinking because a friend introduced it to me. Definitely one of the more balanced rosé wines on the market and very popular!

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