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If there is one thing I get asked about all the time…it’s my hair! You may have seen my hair curling tutorial, but today I wanted to talk about my absolute favorite hair care product EVER. Maybe you’ve already heard of it? It’s the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray! This stuff has changed my life, and is seriously the best dry texturizing spray.

So why do I love it so much? Well…mainly because I have extremely straight and fine hair, but I curl it almost every day. I’d searched for a product that would give my hair some grit to hold my curls without a terrible sticky product feel. I tried several, but no luck. Then when I started getting my balayage highlights from Frederic Fekkai they introduced me to Oribe. Thank you Jesus! Finally, this was the product I’d been searching for, and it legit works. It helps my curls stay in tact, and still leaves my hair with a silky smooth feeling.

Ouai Texturizing Spray

BUT…why am I showing two different products in this post?

Because, the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray costs a pretty penny and I go through this stuff SO FAST. So, I needed another option for those times when my budget is a little tight. During NYFW last fall, I discovered the Ouai Texturizing Spray. It’s about 95% as good as the Oribe! However, you can see even though Ouai is about half the price it’s also about half the size as the Oribe.

The only reason I like Oribe a tiny bit better than Ouai is because it smells so darn good. Kinda sucks because it makes me want to use more, haha. My advice…if you can afford the Oribe then buy it!!!


  1. Flip your hair upside down to evenly spray. Then flip back over and spray a little more closer to the root.
  2. Use after you curl your hair… This sounds like it doesn’t make sense, right? However, my hair stylist told me that if you use it beforehand it could actually damage your hair because the heat from the curling iron pretty much bakes it into your hair. Not good for healthy hair :/

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