freeze247Last month I went to visit my friend in LA. While I was there we went over to a friend of hers to have dinner and hang out. Many of you know I am always looking for new facial products to try out, and lucky me that night I got a few new products to try! The girl we were hanging out with works for Freeze 24/7. Once we started chatting about about our beauty routines she recommended these four products to try for my skin type.

Skin Glacé: This facial cleanser can be used as a face wash or mask. When using it as a face wash you have to run your hands together and then wait a few seconds until you start to see a white foam appear. I did it wrong the first time so don’t forget to wait! You might not think it’s getting all the makeup off, but I promise it does. I love it because it feels like silk.

IceSerum: I have some pretty bad dark spots and hyper-pigmentation so I really like this product. This serum uses an exclusive White Strawberry Extract which gives skin an immediate glow and radiance.

Eyecing: I have never used an eye cream in my life, but now I can’t go a day without using this stuff. It’s addicting. I have super oily skin too so I hate wearing anything that will make me even more oily throughout the day. I can slather this stuff on and it doesn’t feel oily at all. Plus, it’s time released so it keeps your eyes bright throughout the entire day! It’s works wonderful when you haven’t had much sleep.

SkinSmoothie: Now I love my Dr. Dennis Gross daily facial peel pads which I use when I get acne flare ups. These Freeze 24/7 facial pads are better used after those acne flare ups to combat acne scars, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. They are pretty intense so you will definitely feel a tingling sensation when you use them, and it’s recommended you only use them twice a week.

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