If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I have a complete obsession with Aspen. I love the city so much… there’s always something fun to do, somewhere amazing to eat and lots of fun people in the town. Thankfully, I’ve had more excuses to get over there lately since we now have clients there for Muse Consultants… so definitely can’t complain about that!

That being said, I’ve been going there often in both the winter and summer times and one of the most frequent questions I get is what I wear when I’m there. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite looks by season and details on what you need to pack for your getaway to the mountains! Whether you’re going for shopping and food or skiing and après… I’ve got you covered with lots of ideas! And if you’re looking for things to do, check out my Aspen Travel Guide!

SWEATER DRESS OUTFIT: White Cowboy Boots // Brown Sweater Dress // Green Western Hat // Denim Jacket (similar)


Alright y’all… Fall in Aspen is absolutely beautiful and now my favorite season by far. There isn’t much to dislike about Aspen year round, but if you are planning a trip promise me you’ll do it in the fall. It looked and felt like I was in a real life painting. Keep in mind… The middle/end of September and first week of October is the best for fall foliage. 

Outfit 1: White Cowboy Boots (similar here and here) // Black Button Up Top // Suede Moto Jacket // Snake print Purse (old; similar)

Outfit 2: Army Green Coat (similar) // White Cowboy boots (another similar pair) // Black Western Hat (similar)

Even if you aren’t going specifically to Aspen, these outfits are great for any fall trip where layering is required. All things western chic are on trend this year so you’ll always find me in my cowboy boots and rancher hat. I got both my white and green hat from Kemosabe. It’s such a fun experience going in the store to pick out your hat colors, style, shape, ribbons, feathers and personalized branding! Can you guess what mine says?


Boots or booties
Denim jacket or suede/leather jacket
Black leggings
Light sweater
Graphic t-shirts
Sweater cardigan
Sweater dress
Puffer jacket


Summer is actually the most popular time in Aspen… Most would think winter, but people can stay longer in the summer and the weather is impossible to beat. My goal is to be up there majority of the summer next year if possible. Trying to get a few more clients before that’s a reality… If not, I’ll at least try to go for a few weeks like I did this summer. Especially during Food & Wine Festival!

I wouldn’t recommend going to Aspen until mid-June or after… It’s rainy season through May so you can’t do a lot of hiking or outdoor activities. It was so fun taking the dogs up with me and taking Charlie hiking. I can’t wait to take him this winter when there is snow. He might actually never leave, haha.

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