Good morning! I’m down in Austin this weekend for the Formula 1 Race. Every time I’m down here I always love shopping at the local boutiques. I’ve always been a boutique shopper which is why I’m excited to introduce you all to Versona Boutique!

This cute online boutique has tons of trendy items that you won’t see your best friend wearing 😉 That’s a problem in my industry, haha. As a blogger, I always want to keep up with the popular items but I like wearing a unique item nobody else will have on like this floral blouse.

Also, I really like shopping online at Versona because their site it laid out so good. They even have a great mobile layout which is super important to me. You can easily identify what’s “on trend” or what’s popular on their site. When I saw the velvet trend banner it was the first thing I clicked on. Then I saw these velvet bow flats and added them to my cart immediately. They come in 3 colors and are so comfortable!

The best thing about Versona Boutique is their budget friendly pricing. For some reason whenever I think boutique I always think about a good deal. The velvet bow flats are only $30!! That’s a good deal! I’m sure some of you make think cheap could easily mean bad quality. Not the case with Versona! The quality is definitely better than I expected.

Be careful…since everything is priced at such a good deal you can easily get carried away with buying so many cute things! Although that’s not always a bad thing 🙂 I bet you could almost get an entire new outfit (top + shoes + earrings) for under $100!

I’d love to know what you all think or Versona and share your favorite online boutiques!

photos: Beckley & Co.

*Thanks Versona Boutique for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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