audit your digital marketing

Working from home isn’t something foreign to me… I just celebrated my 10 year entrepreneur anniversary so after working from home for that long I think I’ve got it down. I realize for some of you this is a totally new concept and you’re adapting fine. However, some of you are small business owners with a brick and mortar so there may not be a lot you can do from home right now. So you think…

It’s obvious that online web traffic is up significantly right now! Think about it… How much more time are you spending on your phone or on social media right now? In that case, hopefully many of you small business owners and entrepreneurs have a website and social presence. Right NOW is the perfect time to be perfecting your digital marketing content and strategy.

Judgements on a company’s credibility are 75% based on a company’s website design.

I for sure always look at a company’s website and social media channels when searching to buy something. If it’s too difficult to find what I’m looking for or the photos aren’t very good… I’m gone. Recently, I was looking to purchase restaurant gift cards after hosting a giveaway to support our local community. I figured it would be quite easy to visit the company’s website and purchase an online gift card. OMG… NO! I can’t tell you how frustrated I got…

49% of consumers claim they depend on social media to inform their purchasing decisions.

That’s why today I have teamed up with my website design company, Doodle Dog, to bring you some insightful tips on how you should be using this time to get your digital presence in order. We are covering 5 ways to audit your digital marketing right now!



Your website should be your #1 priority right now. Online sales are up 50% so it’s time to pivot. If you haven’t made any updates to your website in a few years it might be that time… Google is constantly looking for new content so one very easy way to keep feeding that to Google is through a blog. Some of you may be thinking a blog doesn’t make sense for your business OR you don’t have time OR you don’t have anything to blog about… WRONG. People connect with a brand just like they connect with other humans… They want a personal connection or to feel like you really care for them and understand them. The easiest way to do that is sharing your own personal stories or employee stories. Why not share or spotlight your employees right now?

And how do you do that? Use social media to drive website traffic!


We are all rather sensitive right now… Times are tough. So how can you stay relevant on social? First off, you should have already addressed your audience and made it clear that you understand what they are going through. Second, don’t shove too much at them at once.

I would first focus on your current followers and start engaging with them every day. That means go comment, like, and share their content. With increased time on social media right now that means you need to be increasing your posting so you stay top of mind. The easiest way to do this right now is by increasing your IG stories. However, that means talking and being in front of the camera.

Why do you think people turn to influencers so much? Because they talk and share real life information AND they don’t sell you too hard. Now would be a good time to start investing in influencer partnerships.


I’ve always used my own content calendar when planning each month. I assign a theme to each day of the week so I know what to talk about and can create content in advance. This along with “mind mapping” is one of the most beneficial things at my Blogger Workshop.

Guess what?! You can download my FREE content calendar here!

audit your digital marketing

So, how does my content calendar look? Here is my calendar along with some ideas for other businesses.

Restaurant > Create blog posts to share recipes and offer a specific discount in that blog post. How about hosting a virtual happy hour teaching them how to create a cocktail?

Med Spa > Share an IGTV of an at home face mask! What about education on specific topics?

Fitness studio > At home workouts on IGTV or live stream are a given. But, what about blog posts focused around education or supplements?

I recently worked with VIVE personal training (my personal training gym) to design a new website, and now I’m helping them with a content calendar. Here is how I themed each day:

Motivation (quotes, re-sharing customer content, spotlighting other brands)

Trainer Tuesday (sharing a tip or story from a trainer; IGTV sharing a day in the life of each trainer)

At home workout series

Technique Tips

Fitness Fun or Fitness Fails (people love to laugh)

Scholastic Training

Supplement Benefits



Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools. Surprisingly, there are some people who don’t use social (I know shocker) or some people just don’t have as much free time to browse your website or social channels so they might miss content. I always check my Google Analytics to see if there are any old/high traffic blog posts I should be adding to my weekly email campaign.

Obviously it’s also a great way to send SALE information!


There are many different opinions on how SEO should be done. I’ll leave that to the experts, but there are a few ways you can update your website SEO at the moment. First off, use Google Analytics to see what people are searching to find your website. Do you have these keywords throughout the website? A great tool for keyword research is Keyword Tool. It’ll show you how competitive a keyword is and suggest others that might be less competitive.

Also, using Google Analytics to see what content is most engaging for customers may show you that you need to update an old blog post. No one wants to land on a page with outdated information!

Hopefully some of these things were helpful!! If you are feeling overwhelmed with some of the information in this post I’m here to help 🙂 Right now, I’m offering mini consulting sessions at just $50 for a 30-min call! Contact me here!


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