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It’s Travel Tuesday! This week I’m recapping my whirlwind 48 hours in New Orleans! I partnered with Harrah’s Hotel and Casino to cover Mardi Gras + Fat Tuesday which were on my bucket list so I couldn’t refuse the last minute opportunity. I thought I was prepared for Mardi Gras by what people had told me…ummm…nope not quite the same until you truly experience the festivities!



I invited my friend Amanda from The Miller Affect to go down to NOLA with me because who likes traveling alone?! We arrived at Harrah’s early in the afternoon on Monday, and went directly to lunch at Manning’s Sports Bar just down the way on Fulton Street. The hotel actually owns Fulton Street (pictured below) which is pretty cool. Manning’s is named after Archie Manning for any of you football buffs. I wish Dallas had a sports bar like this place…they have reclining chairs you can reserve to watch games, and the mac n cheese sliders hit the spot!


After lunch we had some free time so we went over to the casino to check it out. Amanda played for a bit, but there is something about gambling in the middle of the day that I just can’t do… Plus, I only had $100 to spend so I was saving that for late night! I definitely lost it all in like an hour, haha.

We met up with Harrah’s social media manager later in the evening to walk down to Bourbon Street. NOTE…wear flats. I put my heels back on after we came back to the hotel to go to Masquerade Nightclub in the casino which is where I wore the outfit above!

Harrah’s rented a balcony for their guests to hang out and throw beads at people below which believe me you want to be on a balcony after walking down Bourbon. People go crazy for you to throw beads at them, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to tell you what people would actually do to get beads 😉


The next day we had the morning free so we went and took some pictures before walking back over to Bourbon Street. I think the highlight of the trip was walking around the French Quarter and looking at all the buildings! It was almost like I was back in France!

I did wear wedges on Tuesday, but these Marc Fisher espadrilles are so comfortable I could walk all day in them. It was also pretty warm so I decided to wear my favorite denim shorts, and this cute floral cold shoulder top. Honestly, I should’ve been in a costume for Fat Tuesday because Amanda and I definitely stood out from the crowd! But, this outfit is still great if you are in NOLA any other time.

After hanging out on the Harrah’s balcony on Bourbon Street we decide to do some more exploring. We had to get beignets so we stopped in to Cafe Beignet where I ate a shrimp po boy, beignets, and a coffee frappuccino with 2 shots of Bailey’s (thanks Amanda). Did you all know I REALLY REALLY LIKE TO EAT?!


Tuesday night we had dinner at the delicious Besh Steakhouse in Harrah’s Casino where I wore this cute cold shoulder black top and hot pink earrings. If you’re thinking we did a LOT of eating on this trip we totally did…but NOLA has some of the best spots for foodies.


I will say 48 hours in New Orleans wasn’t quite enough time to enjoy all that this awesome city has to offer, but that just means I’ll have to come back again!

A huge thanks to Harrah’s for having us out to enjoy Mardi Gras!


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