demonstrating ambition in this blue and white outfit on a streetAmbition has been naturally ingrained in me since I can remember. I used to have the quote, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” hanging in my room during high school. I still love that quote to this day. Mainly because it reminds me that even if you pursue your wildest dreams and fail you still aren’t a failure. You had ambition to do something most people only dream about doing and never turn that dream into a reality because they are scared. 

When I started my digital marketing company, I had no idea how to run a business. However, I knew I liked consulting with people and helping turn their dreams into a reality too. That’s eventually how the Blogger Boss Workshop evolved, and most recently, that’s why I launched The Body Reset Program. My ambition with everything I do in business is to teach. 

a summer outfit with blue pants

a motivated and ambitious woman in a great summer outfit

girl in a white shirt and a purse on a summer day, what drives ambition

Recently, I met with a mentor who helped me write a purpose statement. I have a serial entrepreneur spirit which is why I have about 5 different businesses I’m trying to run at the moment and two more that I’d like to launch. But what she helped me realize was the underlying theme between all of these businesses and ideas. 


“Help others develop their story/dreams and creatively connect it with the world.” 

It could be helping a new blogger find their story so they can connect through social. Develop a content calendar and visual storyboard for business so they can connect with their customers. Or, sharing my personal stories and struggles so my followers know they aren’t alone. 

Bottom line, I’m a creative person who loves helping other “not so creative” people achieve success. 

an ambitious mindset in a business casual outfit, what drives ambition

smiling into the sun with this business casual outfit

a business woman at heart, a creative in spirit, and an ambitious humanjeans, a blouse, and pursesmiling into the sun in a white shirt and blue pants, what drives ambition

So how does what I wear fuel my ambition? Well, when I started my company almost 10 years ago, I thought I needed to wear more corporate clothing when meeting with clients. It took me about 1 year to realize that shouldn’t matter one bit. I know my worth, and if you want to hire me, you’ll hire me regardless of whether or not I’m in a pencil skirt or jeans. If a client didn’t hire me, it was probably best for both of us.

If I actually had to go back to a corporate job, there is no way you’d be able to tell me I couldn’t wear jeans. Jeans are what I feel most comfortable in. They are what make me “me”. Wearing heels with jeans also makes me feel more ambitious. It’s not a dress, or a blazer, or any other piece of clothing I own. It’s jeans that make me feel good in any situation. 

I usually wear skinny jeans like this new pair I got from Express, but I absolutely love these wide leg denim pants for summer. Both of these pair of jeans look great with a white top and heels which is my go-to uniform at the moment. Another reason I really love buying denim from Express is because they have the option to buy your jeans in 3 lengths: short, regular or tall. I feel like this should be a requirement for all brands, haha. 

Anyway, what I wear isn’t the only thing that drives my ambition. But, it really does help make me feel more ambitious!

This post is sponsored by Express and ShopStyle. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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