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I’ve touched on this before, but I’ve struggled with acne flare ups for some time now. I’m constantly on the lookout for new products to help treat my acne and reduce dark spots from acne scarring. A few months back I was invited into Unit Skin Studio for an Acne ER consultation. That’s when I learned my acne was cystic acne meaning it’s much harder to treat because it’s so far under the skin. We talked about what products I was currently using, and how the products at Unit Skin Studio are much more powerful since they are medical grade skincare products. I immediately switched to their face cleanser and moisturizer for acne prone skin. I can’t tell you how much I love their moisturizer… My skin is so oily that I usually don’t wear a moisturizer (I know bad bad…), but their Free & Clear moisturizer for acne is 100% oil free and I can wear it all day long without feeling oily!

In addition to using a few of their products, Sandra was able to prescribe me a benzoyl peroxide and RetinA cream specifically compounded for my skin. The benzoyl peroxide is what targets the acne spots, and RetinA just helps everything…acne, scars, anti-aging. I’ve heard it’s the miracle cream for anyone, but didn’t realize how amazing it was until I started using it. I’ll admit it’s taken a few months to really see a change in my skin, but when I looked in the mirror the other morning I actually noticed a lot of my dark spots were almost gone. Plus, I haven’t had nearly as many acne flare ups this past month!

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